Rare and Magic Monster Balance

We tested it extensively, and were happy with the level of difficulty when we released it.

Consider testing it with players who are not 10 year veterans who eat HCSSF Feared for breakfast.

Who is your target audience, GGG? People who play 40 hours a week and can grind out everything, or those with jobs and families who can game maybe 10 hours a week, if at all? Who are you making the game for?

You took the challenge of Archnemesis, removed player agency, and forgot the rewards. Archnemesis was fun because it was a loot explosion and we were in control of risk vs reward. Now that the mods show up randomly that aspect is gone. Even Sentinels don't make the rewards really worth the risk.

This is something that I felt a lot over the past leagues. Whenever you say "great challenge with great rewards" what that often means is "not worth the risk". Archnemesis was different, and was probably my favorite league specifically because it had player agency.

If you decide to stick with Archnemesis mods, then please, *please*, replace the names with ICONs and provide an INGAME glossary explaining what those icons mean and what they do. Nobody got time to read those modifiers. Icons are *so much* easier to remember and recognize.
I'll post my thought because I have seen some different opinions, first of all, the levelling was tough but not impossible, I normally tend to skip every rare i see and focus on killing only the magic monsters through the acts, plus i got insanely lucky and dropped 2 +1 all fire weapons in the first acts. Where it got soul crushing is in EARLY maps, not T16, not T11, i am talking T1 through T5, this god forsaken update makes it borderline impossible to interact with ANY mechanic that spawns more than 1 rare mob, and when we talk about Essences you can only pray, I saw in multiple occasions a mob with 2 low tier essences and some AN mods taking no damage while oneshotting me. In what kind of twisted fantasy is this considerable ok for a developper. Blight and Ritual are undoable, Heist is the only stuff that seems unchanged in terms of difficulty. This "update" has completely and irreversibly fucked the meta up, where only EA ballista and a couple more builds can somewhat comfortably progressing as intended. Seriously fuck this league.
Rare mobs are more challenging than the Elden Ring bosses, especially for new players.
To everyone wondering if they even tested. I honestly think they did, and I honestly think they found it fun. The issue I've been seeing lately is the divergent idea of fun some people in the company have compared to the majority of players. Now hopefully this gets fixed and we all go back to business because honestly it feels underwhelming and clownish when a random rare (several in fact) gives me 0 chance of dealing with it while I have 0 problems with endgame bosses on the same build.
Oh. I sat out the last league entirely and am not too fussed about Sentinel but was kinda hoping to get my standard character to 100. :(
Awakened Combustion Support when?
I played most of the day today and had a hard time finding this fun. I died so many times and many of those were instants. That stupid spider in the first Act.... holy crap. I don't think it should be that hard in the beginning of the game. It would barely take any damage and there were a constant stream of smaller spiders.

AN was a ton of fun and I was really hoping this was going to be similar!
Do you know why archnemesis was an okay secondary league mechanic and this rework isn't?
Player agency.
The player can choose to apply their selection of difficult mods to a singular mob for the chance of more rewards, or they can ignore them to focus on progressing in other areas like the new revamped mapping experience.

It's terrible here because you can't choose when to fight these challenges. The vague promise of a reward isn't worth fighting an endgame boss if your RNG was unlucky.

Every area, even leveling up in the acts, you have a chance of just being unable to complete an area if you encounter a mob that is immune to your build (block, no leech, invuln, regen and tanky against your damage type) or pierces your defences (reflect, super slow aura, culling strike, no regen for you) with the only option being to die and go to new area. It's a terrible design choice considred many previous league mechanics require you to kill every mob that spawns and thats sometimes impossible to do. I know I would be rather annoyed if I try to complete an expedition map and several rares just kill me and camp the spawning portal.
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гуар wrote:
yeah sure lmao
>release non-playtested content
>ppl buy support packs
>ppl see that content is not-playtested
>poopstorm on reddit

(certainly not 3xg releasing a new infinite mob spawn exploit that grants xp and drops items (see mirror image mod)) (and most fun stuff they will ban any of the guys who abuse it tomorrow)


They say extensive testing, but they don't have people to take out technical issues <.<...This lying to the face is absolute.
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Excuse me?! Extensive testing?! It's one of two major changes and it was outright broken...3 months you had to test it, and in less than a day you walk it back requiring 3+ massive messages? That's not the mark of extensive testing, that's the mark of zero testing. The vast majority of players found out in the first HOUR that the magic and rares are broken. Hell, people were saying it would be broken BEFORE the patch.

If players knew within the first HOUR...your testers are not doing their jobs. YOU are the content creators, not us. Sick and tired of this, it's time to finally pull the plug. I'm done with this game and it's mistakes.
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Shagsbeard wrote:
Told you about three years ago that your game was spiraling out of your control. Do you believe me now?

"People ask me why I do this at my age. People are rude."

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