Rare and Magic Monster Balance

" and were happy with the level of difficulty when we released it "

what? :D did u see rare and magic monsters in this patch? i dont think so
I play for fun whether it is in a new league or Standard. 3.17 end game changes were kickass fun. I had high hopes for this league. The AN mods have removed any fun in the game. Leveling in Sentinel is out of the question and I'm not sure I'll even stay with standard. In 8 years of playing this is the least fun I've ever experienced.
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Fairly new player (and old at that...), played a little Scourge, a lot more Archnemesis, started Sentinel evening 1.

I died quite a lot. I liked the difficulty (maybe I died a lot more than I would have really liked). I play tested my early build against ArchNem, and walked the first few acts. Big difference with this.

I'm kinda glad it's been toned down a bit, but I haven't played the patch yet. Having said that, isn't it supposed to be hard? Maybe it's growing up with games where you get three lives and that's it. I'm not ready for hardcore just yet, too old and slow, but if I can push through, as a casual D3/GD refugee, I'm surprised there are people whining. Maybe they are just a lot more casual than me - they can't actually be worse than me, I'm shit at video games.
@Chris, how about you undertune the sentinels a bit?
It's not fun in its current state.
Normally weak mobs suddenly becoming 100000x stronger, which also seems to have no correlation to the empowerment.

If empowerment is 20 I would expect the mob to be 20% stronger NOT 20x...
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Thanks GGG!

Happy that I received something even though it was just a firefly swarm pet and this "reroll" had bad RNG.... my original roll was godly... I swear... haha
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NightGeometry wrote:
[...] isn't it supposed to be hard? [...]

It is supposed to be fun and it is not as it is now. It used to be way more fun in the past.
Finally, Rare moby get out of the ordinary with these mods};]
Wezarion wrote:
Finally, Rare moby get out of the ordinary with these mods};]

They got very very ordinary when it comes to loot though. ;-)
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jerot wrote:

There isn't anything challenging about having a part of your build disabled like leech, flasks, or regen, and in some cases it will kill your character before the mob even hits you. The vast majority of mods are uninteresting stat buffs that don't change how you engage with a monster in terms of strategy or gameplay, other than to potentially need to run away because it hard counters your build.

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When i heard that all rares will become ArchNem multi mods i was half scared half thrilled. Scared cuz i knew they'll be hard af, thrilled cuz i imagined they will drop the same-ish kind of reward like they did in AN league.

Never in my worst nightmares i imagined they will be same hardiness (or worse, since they are multiplicated now by different mechanics) but none of the rewards, unless you empower them even more with sentinels, and even then rewards dont come close to "loot showers" that were some Archnem recipes from previous league (which is fine, but some degree of rewards were expected for the extra minutes/hours u take to skirmish those hard combos).

Anyway, its like shooting yourself in the leg and then try to irish dance around, for the fun of it. Well, No.

disclaimer: for any smarta$$ pointing out that im just level x or challenges Y, my observations are based on viewing different players at different levels on streams, twitch and what not.

So yea, league kinda sux for now, hope it will get fixed somehow, sooner than later.
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It was way too overpowered with magic and rares having several mods, especially mods that cancel your build..

However, I wouldn't have minded as much if the mob I spent 10 mins kiting around the map actually dropped something worthwhile XD

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