Rare and Magic Monster Balance

So the arch-nemesis mods suck and should be opt-in not randomly applied to mobs in any way. I realize the pain-sluts saying "ahh, just get good" are out there but there's a lot more players than the masochists that used to enjoy this game. There is NO reward for this newly added difficulty so unless you're interested in upping the rarity/quantity of mobs with these new mods, all you're doing is punishing us for playing your game.


Your game is not, never has been and never will be "too easy". Ignore any criticism about it being too easy because those claiming it is always have many ways of increasing said difficulty in maps, while there is no way to reduce difficulty.

Because your game is pretty much all RNG all day, players have variable experiences but sweeping increases in difficulty do not make the game more engaging on a scale, simply more frustrating. We work harder, waste more resources and die a lot more just for the satisfaction of getting disappointed yet again by the roll of whatever we're trying to craft or whatever drops we get.

I'm not sure WHY you felt the need to throw these mods into core in any way but if they're staying in core, then I'll just say I've had a mixed love/hate relationship with GGG and PoE, mainly mixed levels of awe at the diverse build options, disgust that very few of those options actually work to get through most content, and frustration on a variety of levels regarding crafting, nerfs, and terrible league mechanics from time to time. You're welcome by the way for the many supporter packs I've contributed to grow your studio, and as a more casual player who's really tried to enjoy an ever more unenjoyable experience (in standard or league play) - I've lost my patience.

First league i don't like. Sadge
Chris - we are players of your game. You can even call us your customers. What we are not however - your employees. So - it's not our fucking job to make sure, that a rare mob, in a white Tier 1 fucking map, with no fucking mods, 2-shots a level 72 character with caped res and 83% phys. mitigation BEFORE enabling the fucking League mechanic for crying out loud.
How many Leagues should your players tell you same thing? Over and over and over and over and over and over and over.
This is, so far - my most hated start of the League. Ever. Since Prophecy.
Am honestly tired of this shit, Chris. You release the product, only to continue to work on in weeks in. While working on next League. While working on PoE 2. While working on a 3 month cycle. Which was, is, and always will be your choice to do so. And, as such - you problem. Not ours. You release the product. We have fun in it.
When the customer comes to your shop, you don't make them carry boxes all over the place. They come. Make a purchase. And, hopefully, come back.
This is genuinely the worst implementation of the League into the Core. I actually don't even want to go for a MTX at this point. Since I stopped having fun like 6 hours in. This is actual record, Chris.
Back to Lost Ark it is... Shame...
skipping the sentinel mechanic, cause some archnemesis mods are already 1 shooting

feels like the patch last year where ggg explained the game had to much power creep (player get no damage / no defense)

challenge ok!!! but dying every map sucks ... i keep playing but my hype for the league is slowly dying
what is the league mechanic again?

Imagine hitting "F2" to empower the rares. (for an orb of chance) after 3 minutes of struggling.

I'm a long time player, and supporter. Even before this league i dumped money in this. But honestly, this league is pathetic

Ctrl+Z Ctrl+Z Ctrl+Z Ctrl+Z Ctrl+Z
xD who cares about balance, QA and good league start
kirac's vault, supporter packs, some minor qol and the carousel spins for another three months
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And the worst part about all this - because those rare (and magic, really) mobs are just idiotic - you are not using your sentinels. Because you know, that if you do - you'll get killed. So you pretty much are playing Standard. Bravo. Fucking applause. Worst patch ever. Right after The Best Endgame changes. How the fuck are you keep doing this?
There is still some rares that are 1 shotting my build when my build is really tanky. I can kill map bosses without issue and then a rare comes out of nowhere with powers out of this world.
There isn't anything challenging about having a part of your build disabled like leech, flasks, or regen, and in some cases it will kill your character before the mob even hits you. The vast majority of mods are uninteresting stat buffs that don't change how you engage with a monster in terms of strategy or gameplay, other than to potentially need to run away because it hard counters your build.

What was great about the previous leagues was that we could choose how much difficulty to take on and be rewarded for overcoming those challenges. This has thrown years of gradual balance and tweaks to all those encounters out of whack. This will require a rebalance of every previous league mechanic, and is it worth it for what we've gained from these new mods?

They add nothing, you play much slower or you die. That's not challenge, it's tedium. We aren't dodging telegraphed attacks or carefully spacing ourselves and waiting for the perfect moment to counter-attack. We aren't solving interesting problems or figuring out new strategies. It's the same old game just much more oppressive and convoluted.
Can we get this man to talk to Chris and explain the difference between difficulty and just D***ing us about.
it's ok to hate your player base I suppose


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