Rare and Magic Monster Balance

themike71 wrote:
SquareCubiC wrote:
it was fun, yes, frustrating rhoas for example, but it was also fun to see them fight back again...

themike71 wrote:
If this is a test for the leveling/playing part of poe2, i can say it's a clear fail.

it would if they would not watch whats going on and adapt, so the majority of players is happy...
but hey, develop your own game, show us how its done.

Oh, i found a protector, have fun. jeez.

wow what a nice return,
i really dont see the point of you being as you are right there.
did i call you a reddit cry baby? a casual diablo 3 refugee? anything?
i just stated rationally why you are objectively wrong with what you said.
but cheers man, nice attitude. surely a fun person to be around.
DÉSPAIR wrote:
It's not just the damage that they do but imo the bigger problem is that a lot of these Archnemesis mobs are mechanically flawed. How do you not get the memo from 3.17 feedback regarding Archnemesis is beyond me.

Completely agree. They are unnecessary combinations that are not fun to play against.
fun detected! gotta nerf it immediately...
it was much more interesting before :(
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My solution was if I couldn't see a noticeable chunk go down in their life within 5-10 seconds of combat I left them and moved on.

Day 1 of a league always has issues. It's no big deal.
So, can I leveling safely with 4 75% res and 40k armour and capped spell suppression after your "small changes"? KEKW You're trolling
I'm fine with the difficulty, I'm enjoying the challenge.

People complain way too easily, want things nerfed on day 1, ridiculous.
Sadly difficulty is not the thing plenty of people enjoy, i personally think it makes game more interesting. but w/e
There were so many posts and questions about Hard Mode that the team might have got confused what majority of players actually expect from the game.
Do you really think we're going to believe you playtested this? Come on.
What about that mod that kills RF builds on sight?
That as clearly tested gg

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