Content Update 3.18.0 -- Path of Exile: Sentinel

Will we be able to save Sentinel Passive Tree builds and change them when needed with 1 click, instead of rebuilding it with each map?
Love the direction you guys are going with the Atlas passive tree, the Atlas passive tree was the best thing ever added to the game in my opinion and the customization is getting better. It's also nice getting patch notes a week before launch to have time to test builds for next league. I'm also relieved with not getting a massive pile of nerfs for a change. Looking forward to trying out the new league!
Added 7 new uber versions of Pinnacle Boss fights, accessible through Atlas Keystone Passives. These fights are extremely difficult, so only attempt them if you have a very powerful character.

This is splendid news, good on you GGG! Actual endgame content.

please continue to consider adding difficult content in this fashion and in particular content for pro players/streamers to strive to defeat not only first but if at all ever.
Innocence forgives you
Despite what Chris says, it seems to me that ward loop and righteous fire builds are dead with the archnemesis mods going to blue and yellow mobs (looking at you Rejuvenating). If a random mob has this effect and I suddenly insta-die because it disabled my build then I quit playing it. This happened back in the day when reflect was first added. My cast when damage taken build would be going great (until it erased itself). This isn't something you can avoid. How are you expecting people playing those builds to level if they can't have blue or yellow mobs in their content?

Of course there is still time to walk back that decision and remove the mod that prevents regen before launch...
Endgame changes look nice. Meta will most likely not change. Please buff MoM Miner. Thank you.
The "Maven releases all Bosses at once" modifier can no longer roll on Maven's Invitations.

Shortest patch notes ever. Well at least recently. That's a positive on it's own.

Also grasping vines nerf. Yeah baby....
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Gannicus, God of the Arena – Deathless Uber Elder for Everyone
Oh no, my character is going to tell me my flask is not full as well as my bags are full 😱. Haha I’m excited for the new league! Thank you GGG!!!
Reduced the base Movement Speed reduction from almost all sources of the Grasping Vines debuff.

thanks for reducing it..

map device mods are pretty sad choice.. very boring map experience league incoming.
fk archnemesis.
Can you reconsider this:

The "Maven releases all Bosses at once" modifier can no longer roll on Maven's Invitations.

It was a really fun way of spicing up the invitations and it was rare enough that the cost of getting rid of it was essentially free if someone didn't want to deal with it.

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