Content Update 3.18.0 -- Path of Exile: Sentinel

Esubane wrote:
b0b3334 wrote:
With Vinktar Square banned how can we get Vessel of Vinktar?

the map still exists, it's not going away.
It's just going away from Atlas so you don't have to finish it in order to gain all your atlas passive points.

This and Doryani's Machinarium were league specific maps. The latter one was especially annoying, only dropping from Delve bosses at a low chance. It was going for 5 exalted orbs. This is ridiculous price for a map that doesn't drop anything good, it's just rare and comes from fringe, unpopular content.

There is no reason for this to be on atlas tree.
Hall of Grandmasters also isn't included there. Nor is Cortex or any other Synthesis Map. Well sorta... Maven Invitations do give an atlas point, but not the map itself.

Ah, I see, thanks for clarification.
Guess my flicker strike is safe now.
Just some thoughts and questions on the patch notes below.

Recombinators are a rare form of currency that allow you to apply the Sentinel Assembly process to your actual items.

How much rare compared to an awakener orb, and dropping from where?

The new challenge league includes a set of 40 new challenges. These are much harder than normal, so we have significantly increased the rewards.

What does hardening actually means here, any examples as teasers?
Are we getting again lots of absurd RNG on RNG ones happening once in 300h? Are we getting again tons of annoying boss conditionals, 4 per each boss, preferably for the newest überest ones?

Magic monsters will be found with one Archnemesis modifier by default.

Rares are written above to go from 2 up to 4, what about magic ones? 1 up to how many?

Archnemesis modifiers are able to be gained by characters through sources such as Headhunter and Inspired Learning, though you are only able to have one instance of each modifier at any given time.

Does it mean an end of an era then? At least those 5-way AFK levelers are done for good then.

Bloodlines and Nemesis have been removed from the core game. Some of their modifiers have been incorporated into the new monster modifier system:

Oh, I liked both of them, will see, how their splitting turns to be.

Atlas Passive Skill Tree Changes

Are we getting the new atlas passive tree beforehand with their positioning for planning?

Added 7 new uber versions of Pinnacle Boss fights, accessible through Atlas Keystone Passives. These fights are extremely difficult, so only attempt them if you have a very powerful character.

They have new fragments, right? If not, then it just made the gap way wider between the normal players and the optimized supportbotters who already 1-shotted each pinnacle bosses and will do the same with these überest ones, using the exact same normal fragments for way more rewards then.

The Eldritch Altar option that causes Scarabs dropped by slain Enemies to have a chance to be Duplicated has been replaced with a new option that causes Divination Cards dropped by slain Enemies to have a chance to be Duplicated.

This duplication option was already pretty rare, now it is just removed; okay.

Shaper or Elder Influence can now be applied to Maps alongside Eater of Worlds or The Searing Exarch Influence, and Conqueror Influence.

Good, it was at least a missing warning before, as the map device just ate the other influence.

Shaper, Elder or Conqueror Influence and Influenced Items will now be first encountered in Level 81 Areas.

Anything about their drop rate? Full cleared 80-100% T16s dropped most of the time zero of them.

Operative's Strongboxes can no longer drop Polished Scarabs in White Maps, or Gilded and Winged Scarabs in White or Yellow Maps.

Well, they already dropped close to nothing 3-6 per box, might be a good time to ditch boxes too.

Shaper Guardian and Vaal Temple Maps are now affected by Sextant Modifiers on socketed Voidstones.

Good, was a usual oversight in the last patch, even with the mid-league atlas passive fix for them.

Expedition Remnants that provide a chance for Runic Monsters and Excavated chests to drop or contain an additional Influenced Item now have a chance of 20% (previously 35%) as they provided a higher number of Influenced Items relative to other sources.

Wonderful.. got ~80% of my influenced bases from here, and instead of buffing their original source from their own maps, even nerfed their availability from here instead.

Harvest (costs 12 Chaos Orbs): Area contains The Sacred Grove.
Delirium (costs 16 Chaos Orbs): Area contains a Mirror of Delirium.

Well, great league incoming for those TFTers and zoomers at least I guess.

When selecting a Map for a Favoured Map Slot, you are now able to click on one of your existing Favoured Map Slots to select that same Map.

Nice, was very inpractical before one bye one.

If you don't have Flask or Map Stash Tab Affinity, or tabs with those affinities are full, Unique Maps will now fall back on the Unique Stash Tab Affinity.

I still do not think this is the logical fallback order, but okay then.

The Unique Stash Tab search filter can now be used to search the modifiers on stored Unique Items.

Finally, wanted this for a long time.
All-time non-streamer luckless dropless rewardless tons-of-time-playing non-TFT-er 100% solo player.
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Nice :) Time to try out another build since theres no changes I can just pick any build from poeninja that worked well on day1.
So stored infused nemesis mods on Kirac‘s bench get deleted?
Cyclone phy is completely dead.
Why ?!
- Because if a level 91 player ( 91 is the border level for leaving most of the peoples ) can not kill 1 of 3 tries the end boss with it - then it surely will be a dismissed as a build.
Only less than 5% of the Cyclone phy players succeed on it, and it is mostly because they are old players with load of items to setup it, and at least 300 EX to throw on it.
Almost ZERO ( 0 ) of the new players are succeeding.
Same goes for IceStorm.
Same goes for Totem Sparkers.
Same goes for CoC Rainbows.
Same goes for Wanders.
Same goes for.. well 97% of the all builds.
Peoples are just trying them, get completely disappointed and go offline "for a rest a bit", and never come back.
I am totally fine now with the strategy of killing the game, since I have tries all possible ways to tell developers that they are going into complete problematic direction, but nope..
I can only imagine how big will be the disappointment in PoE2, when no trust is anymore possible to be bridged between the players and the devs, but as I said - I am completely fine now, since I am almost offliner as well, just as my already 9th deleted full friend list of offliners.
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Mokurp wrote:,Divergent-Cyclone
cyclone has 12% players seems ok to me
the others has 0.3% but there are a few lv 100

It is CoCk / CwC Cyclone builds, where it's used as support skill for the casting Spell.
I have only 1 question: What if my build kills all mobs 2 screens ahead, then these new drones will not have time to shoot and all the content of the league will not work?
So no new skill gems and no balance updates? This is actually the first League I don't think I will play since Prophecy. I get all my satisfaction from making and testing new build ideas and the new gems have consistently kept me coming back, what do I even do with this league? I don't even get past T12 maps before I make a new toon to test and drop the current. I hardly even touch the Atlas before I get inspired to make something else. I always felt like PoE offered a bit of everything for everyone but this league just feels empty without new gems. (I do NOT consider awakened gems new)
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the best patch note ever
Atlas node [Within their grasp] doesnt drop breach stones, will this get fixed in 3.18?

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