3.17.2 Patch Notes

Dezlator wrote:
Please return option to see advanced mod description with alt for ITEMS ON GROUND.

Oh yess please, it's not showing all stats till u pick up items and use alt in inventory. I just hate that.

pretty much this, it's annoying now...

The Corrosive Hunger debuff in The Infinite Hunger boss fight now provides -1% Physical Damage Reduction and -1% Chance to Evade per stack (previously -400 to Armour and Evasion Rating per stack).
Corrosive Hunger stacks are now lost when The Infinite Hunger drowns you and teleports you away.

Praise the sun!!!
Showing Advanced Mod Descriptions is not any option any more, it is now always on. ????????????????????


thats not funny. for me unplayable...
bye bye PoE :(

For fix bug with lootfilter, rename in the line 3937
"Damage with Two Handed Melee Weapons" to "Damage with Two Handed Weapons"
I think Captivated Interest is still broken :(
Items drop as 85 ilvl, same as without passive.
Neoublie wrote:
What is the reason for making it so when you hover over loot on the ground and hold alt you can no longer see the advanced tooltip showing the mod range and rolled value. you now need to pick it up and hold alt hovering over the item in your inventory to see it.

This significantly slows the looting process with in my opinion is important as so much junk drops you need to be able to easily be able to determine the initial quality of the item.

I suspect this is a bug, since it wasn't announced.
"Items contained in the Gem and Flask Stash Tabs are now listed alphabetically within categories."

Thank you!
Fixed a bug where the Captivated Interest Atlas Passive Skill was not working correctly.

Ran The Hidden. Monster level says 85. Drops are still 85 (should be +2 from unique mobs). Captivated Interest is still bugged.
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Eater of worlds challenge for drown changed ? Need to move to get progress. If not, challenge is failed upon killing a boss.

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