3.17.2 Patch Notes

same here
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Yeah my loot filter is screwed too.
Best update ever :DDDDDDDDDD At least i can rest, because this is SOOOOOOOOOOOO unplayable) Rip Filter
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> Fixed an issue where Drox, The Warlord's Glove Cascade was dealing more damage than intended in Maven's "The Elderslayers" Invitation.

Steelmage Patch LOLW
So you broke loot filters and removed the main thing that made Eldritch Chaos Orbs so good...

Then also made it so now we have to unsocket gems to use Eldritch orbs(that don't even affect sockets) in order to use them. Gotta keep us online for that extra 10 seconds!
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Well, it was only a matter of time before they nerfed loot filters too.

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You bricked lootfliters and now the game's unplayable! Glory to GGG!
//go next
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If you are using blade filter you can download the filter rather than have it set to bind to account. From here try to load the filter and the game will tell you which line is causing the issue. Open the filter in notepad and find that line. Whatever filter rule is there enter a hashtag (#) at the start of each line of that filter item and the filter will work again. Wait a day or 2 for blade filter to fix the issue and then you should be able to use binded filters again.

Filter Location:
Head to the Download tab, name and download your filter, and copy paste it to %userprofile%/Documents/My Games/Path of Exile. For the final step, once inside the game open up the options menu, go to the UI tab, select your filter in List of Item Filters, and save changes.

Example (this is the line/rule that broke my filter):

# Large N12 T2

#Show # $type->jewels->clustereco $tier->n12_i84_t2
#ItemLevel >= 84
#Rarity <= Rare
#EnchantmentPassiveNum 12
#BaseType "Large Cluster Jewel"
#EnchantmentPassiveNode "Attack Damage" "Attack Damage while holding a Shield" "Axe and Sword Damage" "Bow Damage" "Chaos Damage" "Cold Damage" "Damage with Two Handed Melee Weapons" "Elemental Damage" "Fire Damage" "Lightning Damage" "Minion Damage" "Physical Damage" "Spell Damage"
#SetFontSize 45
#SetTextColor 255 255 255 255
#SetBorderColor 255 255 255 255
#SetBackgroundColor 240 100 0 255
#PlayAlertSound 2 300
#PlayEffect Yellow
#MinimapIcon 1 Yellow Pentagon
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