3.17.2 Patch Notes

ok guys I fixed lootfilter: download file manually, open it up in notepad... search text "Damage with Two Handed Melee Weapons" and delete the word Melee so it reads "Damage with Two Handed Weapons". Save, load it up manually, done!

Note: use "save" option to overwrite the original file, don't use "save as...", otherwise you may need to delete .txt after .filter from file name
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Please, create a sub-tab for "favorite" maps in the maps tab, because all maps are now T16, the T16 tab is terribly crowded and you have to use search every time to find the one card you are grinding.

Or it can be implemented with a checkbox
What is the reason for making it so when you hover over loot on the ground and hold alt you can no longer see the advanced tooltip showing the mod range and rolled value. you now need to pick it up and hold alt hovering over the item in your inventory to see it.

This significantly slows the looting process with in my opinion is important as so much junk drops you need to be able to easily be able to determine the initial quality of the item.
Unable to finish patching. Gave me an error saying "Timed out waiting for patching process to exit." How to fix this?
Kieren_GGG wrote:
Bows in Standard with one-handed local Added Fire, Cold, Lightning and Chaos Damage weapon prefix modifiers can now have a Divine Orb used on them to obtain the two-handed modifier values introduced in 3.17.0.

Just plain wrong. The fix seems affect the bow specific tiers of added damage that introduced in 3.9 patch and became legacy in this league (3.17)

double legacy bow that really using the real one handed mod that shared with other one handed weapon (e.g. https://www.poewiki.net/wiki/Modifier:LocalAddedColdDamage9) are not able to reroll.

Thus the wording is really wrong
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PompyK wrote:
I have 10 times favored map with 4 voidstones and I drop so many other maps before the favored one. 10 to 1 etc. Others in friendlist are saying they drop at least 5 favored 1 unfavored.

How many voidstones do the people of your friendlist use?

As far as I remember the tier of a map is rolled first. Then there will be a collection of maps that can drop in this tier. Maps can have multiple slots in this collection. With no voidstone there are only four different T16 maps that can drop. If your have five favoured map slots there will be 51 slots in this collection for your favourite map and only three for other maps.

With every voidstone socketed there will be more unwanted maps in the collection lowering the chance for your favourite map.
Showing Advanced Mod Descriptions is not any option any more, it is now always on.

I don't know what this did.
But I do know that we can't see the mod ranges while the items are still on the ground anymore. This is a huge bother when looting. Please fix that.
vines fix when?
so we are limited to 72 maven fragments. i had almost a whole page of them they drop so often.

would be nice if the map stash search was able to locate maps with blight. i confirmed this last night with a few guild members that never even knew this issue existed.
poe is going down fast. playing Last Epoch now. much better game

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