Will Scourge Become a Core Path of Exile Mechanic?

So we just get rid of prophecie for fun.
when i was a noob and didnt play alot getting a 5link thru prophecies for 5c on any item you want was neat.
anyway good that it doesnt go core this way it is. just the massive amount of enemies + rarity and stuff with stacks was good.

sadly scourging items fucked me over at the begin and i didnt use else for a challange i gave up on.
I think i will skip 3.17 league but maybe test some new skill gems or passives in SSF SC.

Much cool games coming out soon as well MP in Last Epoch.

It prompts the question, will Scourge become a core Path of Exile mechanic?

The short answer is no.

As expected. Good.

We don't have any current plans to bring Scourge back.

Makes sense considering the most defining feature of Scourge is just a Vaal RNG krangler.
An old recurring feature in the base game so there is currently no place to add more trash to the pile of league mechanics.
Masterpiece of 3.16 lore
"A mysterious figure appears out of nowhere, trying to escape from something you can't see. She hands you a rusty-looking device called the Blood Crucible and urges you to implant it into your body."

Only usable with Ethanol Flasks
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It is unfortunate that scourge is being skipped. Also odd is the lack of communication around this league and the recent decisions.

Can we get a post mortem on scourge to understand why a league this well received/poorly received is essentially being ninja-killed? Pretty much sweeping it under the rug.

good decision to not have it go core. scourge didnt really add enough new content to make it viable as a core mechanic. it would be nice, however, to see a return of some of the more useful corrupted item currencies within existing core mechanic drop pools (alva temple boss drops maybe?), as the scourge mechanic itself was lackluster but many of the new currency types added interesting and unique ways to craft gear (using corrupted bases to craft with tainted exalts for example)
Time to krangle a full lvl 1 set of 11 life reg gear for novelty and legacy.
I mean what's more fun than starting a new char, walking out the gates with 100 flat life reg ^^
Sad but not surprised.
I really enjoyed Scourge. I was pretty sure it would not go core anywhere near how it is now, I kinda thought a melding of scourge and beyond might happen if it was brought core.

I hope there is some space in the core game for tainted currencies, I believe those added a lot to the game.
i understand that the krankle inventory has to go, its too powerful and also rather unusable as a random mechanic that shows up only every now and then...

but parts of the mechanic could still be included in the core game

i would like to see scourge added to vaal side areas, people would finally run them again if mythic orbs and teardrops could drop there

have krankled drops smart rolled so they have a chance to be useful and are worth looking at

also add krankled maps to zanas mission pool
Bad. The game need more mechanic similar to Delirium or Scourge, that effect a large area and are not just isolated encounter.

(they can become boring during their league when we have it each time, but it is very good to sometime find a Delirium portal)

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