Will Scourge Become a Core Path of Exile Mechanic?

Short and sweet. Love it!
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Excellent !

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Sadge, it was a great mechanic for making it worth to re-run low-level maps and getting some extra currency.
Why no Tainted Blessing? It was such a good thing. :(
Good choice .Scourge does not fit in this the game at all.
I'm pretty sad, I liked so many things about the mechanic compared to Legion which pretty much doesn't exist for me. Everything other than the rewards was pretty awesome, these currencies are what allowed corrupted gear to be a thing. Just ditch the corrupted drops and make it only drop tainted currency and it would be really awesome.
I anticipated this. Best league since Delve for me, however. At least I didn't have to work and played the shit out of it(still playing). First league I finally killed some bosses after 5 years of never using a guide or PoB. I will miss the only mechanic you could just press a button anywhere you were and be in it. Same treatment as synthesis which I miss every day...
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I'll miss my free 6 links but this was expected
I am not surprised that Scourge isn't going core right away because there isn't enough time to do it correctly. Now that being said I am certain that GGG will eventually understand how much many of us like the scourged maps and put them somewhere in the drop pool.

Thus, my vote would be never to have Scourge as a 8-10% chance in a map like Delirium, Breach etc. because the krangler sucks big time. But have a somewhat robust way of getting pre leveled scourge maps would be great. This would have the benefit of adding in corrupted currency that is useful and good for the game.
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You can always play in march? Not like you are part of the very few that do everything week 1 and if u are why would u play other games in that time.

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