Will Scourge Become a Core Path of Exile Mechanic?

But will the tainted currency tho?
the only thing I will be missing is tainted currency and easy early-league 6-links =/

but yeah screw Scourge mechanic
don't care about the whole scourge mechanic, is disposeable anyway, but can we at least get the tainted fuses and jewllery orbs? at least untill poe2 link system is implemented, it was soo god not having to care about six linking items for your alts

I am overjoyed.
im sad
Garf412 wrote:
feb? when 8 other major game titels are releasing long awaited gamesd? nice... #slowclap.

And a few weeks after those releases which will we still be playing? Yeah. :)
Tough but correct choice.
We can't have league mechanics with currencies that easily bypass ingame restrictions(corrupted items).
Scourge is quite a good league and I feel like these sort of leagues should be left in the game to some extent, just make completely optional. A scourge scarab would be great. Just don't force mechanics on players and I think having almost every league remain in the game to some extent is fine.
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If it's back to 3-5ex for 6linking item in the game where difficulty is balanced around 6links, then I'm out and wish you luck GGG.
Expected, League mechanic itself was AWESOME.
( Everything else "stacks", scourging items, tree for scourge and items undelivered that the best i can say.)
First league i didn't even bother to hit 100 and i do it since delirium league launch.

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