Will Scourge Become a Core Path of Exile Mechanic?

3.17 will be hard to play...

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Thank you. Scourge was the worst league so far.
Honestly not sad to see it go
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finaly a some brain use, if most other league would not enter core game, it just would be bether game...
Tainted Blessing Probably will stay as it's tied to Labyrinth not Scourge mechanic itself BTW, if not than it's strange decision.
Thought this would be the case. Scourge (when optimized) simply drops too much loot, it's like 5 or more Legions in every map.

A pity. The combat mechanics of Scourge were good, it's the best monster density boost mechanic from a fun perspective, but it does have major issues with incentivizing boring low level farming metas.

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Good ! Scourge was not a good league mechanic, and wasn't fun, in my opinion.

Hoping for a great 3.17. Happy new year
If it's not going core then replace the beyond mobs with Scourge mobs and add tainted currency as a rare drop from vaal side areas or the temple of Atzoatl something vaal related.
Also please remove the delirium fog, draw only a clear borderline when it starts and when it ends
Understandable. Encroaches too much on the design space of other mechanics.
Will drive up the price of tainted orbs though probably?

I think it's high time for rotating league mechanics in core gameplay though, not unlike they do in Magic: the Gathering for instance. I could totally see them doing like 1-year seasons with like 8 league mechanics active at a time before they move on to the next 8. Although implementing such a thing right before they want to release POE 2 is probably not going to happen.
I get the feeling we're going to see a lot of "not making it to core" leagues in the future. If GGG is removing past leagues because it's cluttering up their database / game now ... they're not going to continue to add new leagues every 3 months to core.

I think that's the problem with how leagues make it to core to begin with; instead of just making it a side part of the game ( prophecy, talisman, warbands, etc. ) ..they try to put the whole league into the game. They need to do more "We're just adding this part that was neat from the league into every zone, not just 8% chance", and less "You're only going to see this content if it's a zana mod or it procs from atlas passives"

And probably far less bloated league content would make it easier to introduce it into the game next league, instead of months later in a questionable state.

After all, they said Ultimatum was not going to go core ... then they're like "Oh it's going core" once they need more content for the game and they figure out how to separate what they want from the league spaghetti.

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