[3.17] Double Impending Doom

I need to use 2 curses in vixens for this to work, and idk why it works 50% of the time only
Ferald0 wrote:
I need to use 2 curses in vixens for this to work, and idk why it works 50% of the time only

1. you need to have them linked to Spell Cascade and Increased area of effect
2. you need to have enough mana to cast all of the curses together (about 100-150 mana)
3. the monsters that are hit are the ones in the middle circle
Thx, the lack of mana and no increased area is a thing
Tried on standart with only gloves... Very nice.
Incredebly need several tired versions (budget, middle, hi-end...). Cane of Kulemak and energy shield only is a very hard to get. Thank You.
Sadly Cane of Kulemak is our best weapon - will update it with the prefixes/suffixes later on - still testing two of them to check which one is better. It can be done with any other staff or any other spell damage weapon.

The build is perfectly viable with low tier gear - crappy gear with the staff passive that gives +30% defenses and Discipline is equal 4K shield.

I will try to make a health-based version of the build after I finish optimizing this one.
So does the spell echo + spell cascade set up actually work? How many doomblasts do you get on a single cast of your impending doom curse. Just trying to sim some DPS and wondering if it's one blast per cast, more, less...
with spell echo on impending doom, and spell cascade on the gloves:

first cast on the mob - one Doom blast
all casts after the first one - two doom blasts

with my current setup this season (trashy items wrong links(5 linked) and not all talents):
- 17K damage per blast (not counting crit and doom multipliers)
- 10 blasts per second
- the damage has 40% multiplayer from doom always
- 20% more multiplayer from the curse (plus some flat damage)
- 20% chance of an additional 440% multiplayer (max foom from curse)
- 30% chance of an additional 350% multiplayer (crit)

Please note that the base damage is not even half of what it will be when proper links and items are used.

to put it in numbers - with 5 links shitty gear and no jewels you get about 1M DPS

Good gear will catch 4-8M dps if the mana for it can be sustained
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Do you have an estimation of some budgets gap?
Kateroze wrote:
Do you have an estimation of some budgets gap?

there are several items that significantly boost your damage:
0. Cane of Kulemak - first item that should be gotten with Spell Damage, Cast Speed and +3 to level of socketed support skills. Prices on this vary a lot but it is rather available.
1. Shavrone (30% more damage) - lets us make the build low-life
2. Amulet with +10 max doom and Skittering Runes allocated boosts our boss damage by a lot (20% chance for 160% more damage) - the amulet is cheap and the allocation is rather cheap too
3. Crown of the inward eye (about 20% more damage)
4. Quality on gems

Feel free to check the market for any of those - everything is rather easy to obtain and does not cost much.
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hi eee my build dont working man i dont unterstand why can u explain me ?

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