[3.17] Double Impending Doom

Imaginos30 wrote:
Running my own variant of Impending Doom, thought I'd throw in my 2c

-you can avoid using Vixens entirely by lowering your main curse's duration to zero. There's a few ways to do this, all based on Anomalous quality on Impending doom, but IMO the best is using a [15% increased quality of socketed support gems] Cane of Kulemak (the hard part, needs almost perfect rolls) along with a Warped Timepiece with anointed Window of Opportunity.
(Heist runners don't seem to be picking Impending Doom gems so I needed to use a secondary regrading lens to make my own, luckily Anomalous has a 83% chance to roll from Superior)

-other sources of reduced duration - you can just path to the Window wheel or use an Impossible Escape (Magebane) to jump there for another 10%, or get 23% quality on your gem, or use a Timeclasp ring, or a Catarina unveiled staff instead of a Cane.

-The Petrified Blood + Eternal Youth + Dissolution of the flesh combo seems to work well with this concept, enabling low-life and solving mana issues with Lifetap as well as doubling my life pool and providing a powerful recovery mechanic (but very weak to DOTs and doesn't like chaotic fights like Phoenix or juiced maps where stuff comes at you constantly)

Final notes
- have you looked into using a lvl 30+ impending doom on a Forbidden Shako instead of a +3 Cane of Kulemak? Even without a relevant second gem on the Shako it should be some pretty nutty damage, going from lvl 24 to lvl 35 is about 200% more damage
-How about Inquisitor for lol!recovery and more crit?
-Leadership's Price amulet might be worth a look too, we can land some chunky hits with crit+max doom proc which means big Saps and Brittles.

All of this is gold!
I will look into most of it
Here are my thoughts:
1. you need the curse duration lowered to 0.15 not 0 (impending doom has charges that recharge every 0.15 sec). And we can have 0.15 cast speed.
2. Mana problems are 100% solved on Hierophant and he can fully use Graven's Secret making him quite tanky too
3. Forbidden Shako might be hudge and needs testing. I am guessing the build will have to revolve around it because it totally messes both the defenses and how the offense works atm.
4. IMO Leadership's Price is not needed. We can reach over 50% crit without it and we need the slot for additional defense/offense.

The build (Hierophant) still lacks in 2 directions
1. ES could be a more
2. Increased Spell damage - we get a bit from the weapon and about 270 from the tree.
If you can think of something to solve either of them it will be helpfull
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Quick reply - I tried both 98% and 99% reduced curse duration, but both felt janky. Probably due to server tickrate issues, like with oldschool Poet's Pen builds, I was definitely dropping doomblast procs.
0 duration feels smooth as butter by comparison, you don't even see the curse icon pop up, just instant doom explosions. As such I've been handcasting Despair (we really need the -chaos res and the curse effectiveness from doom is too good to pass up) and triggering Doomblast with an alt-quality Conductivity for the small max doom increase, I don't think any other stat matters. (Punishment might be the exception, with its on-death effect)
Hey, i was following your guide, seems pretty strong.
My problem is the damage, i struggle a lot of it, cant do red maps without struggling / dying.
Any tips?
Really looking forward to seeing how all of this comes together with the curse changes - waiting to see the numbers on impending doom and very curious if Vixens gets reworked. With curses having a bigger impact on bosses I think we’ll probably want to go with Vixens rather than 0 duration but we’ll have to wait and see.
Sadly I lost a bet and this season I have to play marauder on hardcore only. I will try to make something out of it but in the meantime, you can check the streamer RaizQT - he seems to be running a poison variation of this build atm and he is doing pretty well with it.

His build looks a bit unpolished but it is a new approach and I like it

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