[3.17] Double Impending Doom

Awesome build, the clear looks great with how huge curse aoe can get. However the single target could use some work.

What about running 2 curses in the gloves, rather than having a source of "you can apply one fewer curse"? the wiki says the gloves trigger ALL of the socketed curses at once. So you cast your first impending doom curse, then the two curses in the gloves overwrite it to trigger doom blast. You also get more damage because you can double curse enemies, the 2nd curse (in trigger order) in your gloves will still be on the enemy in subsequent casts.
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Well, after this season, do any players have any feedback on this build?
I'd love to try it in 3.17 but I see there's some debate around what's optimal and what's not. :)

New Numbers on Impending Doom! This build will have a great chance in the new league. For Single Target, wondering if Hex Blast or Bane options on another 6 link could help.
Today I played around with Hexblast as a secondary damage dealer as the tougher mobs that didnt die after the initial cascade still were cursed and were stacking Doom. It does a great single pop to wipe out the remaining yellow mob. I tried allocating Doomsday and waiting the 1 second to Hexblast, no noticeable difference in damage or gameplay. The main skill skill blows all trash mobs away.
Final results from experiment, with enough cast speed, just hold down despair and it shreds the yellows and bosses just fine.
Hi all,
first of all thx for the build Idea.
I also tried Hexblast and wiped out void sphere, the dmg boost is really great.
Second I try, I change the gems for despair and impending doom, here is what I try out and for me it works really good.
Any ideas how to power up are welcome

Despair-impending doom-intensify support-arcane surge-faster casting-increased duration
I put steelskin on the left button so i be protected before I get a hit.
CWDT I didn´t use in this build, cause I think vitality and determination are to important to switch them against immortal call and molten shell

However, I like the build, lets see how it works in the next league.
Meanwhile I play a little bit in standard with it and try to figure out more.

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So is this build turning into a more "classical" hexblast impending doom build?
Kateroze wrote:
So is this build turning into a more "classical" hexblast impending doom build?

Not really, I only use Hexblast for bossing. The clearspeed is really good and I get double curses. It is fun.
But if ur focus is bossing, then for sure it is hexblast with impending doom support :)

I think, I try it out 3.17

I will be running and testing this build again on 3.17. From the patch notes, it looks like the build will have a huge buff on its damage since we multiply that damage several times with our mechanics. So the main goal will be to make it a boss killer, something it lacked up until now.

I will take into account all the suggestions I saw in the comments and update the build as I progress. New suggestions are always welcome.

Regarding Hexblast:
From all my testing just spamming the curse does just about the same damage as casting the curse and hexblasting the boss after. I might be wrong or my setup might not be the best for it.
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Very much looking to trying your build in 3.17! :) Will be waiting for your updated PoB
celerycactus wrote:
Very much looking to trying your build in 3.17! :) Will be waiting for your updated PoB

I am making it crit-based this time and focusing on damage instead of survivability. If things go as planned it should be decent at bossing this time.

I will try to post the new PoB later today

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