3.16.1 Patch Notes Preview

Ah, and here I was thinking it was only me. This stuff usually take days or hours?
AlaDjinn wrote:
kartelusm wrote:
You know it's a competent company when people with that mentality isn't working for it.

It is clear that you never worked in the IT sector, at least not in the service part, where every bug means money lost...

Well you see, I am a senior Dev, just not in the video game industry.
But you're right, those thing do cause loss of money, but the bug is there and when it's like this, the company is presented with only 2 choices : keep going or revert.
(Well theres a third one, but let's not talk about it)
As we don't know the actual details of the problem, there's a lot of variable that can influence that choice.
I'm sure they balanced this out and made the choice to keep going for now.
Just like anything else in life, people make choices, and there's always those that will say it was a bad one, and those that say it was the good one.

Good analysis, if only people tried to see things from others' point of view...
It's working. Now you idiots can stop complaining about GGG. Great response time.
I'm IN!!!!!!!
Koochi wrote:
It's working. Now you idiots can stop complaining about GGG. Great response time.

Lol yep, impatient noobs heh
Okenshield wrote:
AlaDjinn wrote:
Okenshield wrote:
This is the point where a competent company would simply roll back the patch and go back to work on it. Instead, nothing.

You know it's a competent company when people with that mentality isn't working for it.

Yall should stop shitting on devs whenever theres an issue for a little time.

They answered that they know about the problem, and are hard working on the fix as most people shit on their forum even just after 5 minutes.

Also, every league has their ups and downs, just because you can't see or appreciate the upside, doesn't mean it's trash, people. Literally nobody is forcing you to play leagues, go on standard if you don't want it. I like the mechanic, it's challenging and adds some different grind to the game, and like everything else, the more you use it, the more rewarding it can become.

Anyway, thank you GGG for always putting so much effort and time, I've always found it was worth it in the end for the amount of fun I have.

I've played plenty of other MMOs, and when a patch totally broke the game, they'd roll it back, with very little downtime. And this is an 8 year old game, lol.

GGG? Nothing. They didn't "say" anything, fanboy. One person made a response to a post. If they were half the company you described, someone would've immediately posted a message to the entire community online. Instead, nothing.

I think the whole "totally broke the game" statement is a bit much lol, all we know is people can't log in for what? it's been about 1 hour now?
Oh and I also forgot to mention, just because you revert, doesnt always mean the problem will be fixed, yall.

please update the game
i update the game
try to login
please update the game
nice steam patch GGG
moonmidnight wrote:
damn this game is only played by perfectionists that hate the game and dont accept mistakes

Sadly true.

This is easily the most negative forum I hang out at and I visit a few Reddits. Not this game.

As a modder though, I know it can be hard to judge productivity in coding. Sometimes I'll be watching people stream one of my mods, see a bug and fix it, upload the patch within 10min. Other times I have to re-write half of a 20k line script and it takes a bit.

From the player's side both bugs might be equally problematic or priority driven.

I also know it's hard to go back to old things when you always have new fun ideas.

But I work off donations and commissions so it's a lot easier to exceed expectations.

I dunno, they're at least consistently trying to fix bugs and balance issues. Even if it fails.

"Never trust floating women." -Officer Kirac
Rage and angry comments!! Forbidden rites and banes of hexes totems cast upon your asses!


GGG it's all good. :) Enjoy that well-earned drink after all is back to 100. I've been there. I feel ya. :)
el parche no carga de 26 gb :v

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