3.16.0d Hotfix 2

If you find something fun, keep it for yourself. Even it's "bug"
Dont forget
People who did not see this being hotfixed are not very smart :D
When you going to do something about fortify
Apparently 50% of 0 eQualls 0 is a bug from now on. At least call it as it is. A mid-league nerf
Funny how GGG became mem "fun deleter" and they are ok with it.

Every single patch for last 2 years they're nerfing fun builds. Not to "balance" level, they are just destroying them to the ground, "balancing" from few different angles. I'd say thats the only really annoying thing about this game: i can't save good build on standart even for 1 league.
Dear GGG!
At least you could be honest like this in the following comment:
"Dear Players!"
We have been informed about aurastacking still working, due we got 'mathf...ed' by the player: x.y.
Our goal was entirely remove aurastacking from the game, but we must admit, some players are better at maths, then us, and knows our game better, then us. Nice try tho, thanks for revealing us, math is an important part of the game.
For no further explaining this, we will point it as a bug, and we fix it."
Komscha wrote:
Koriou wrote:
Blip wrote:
They reserve a portion of maximum mana, if that mana is 0,they reserve 0.this was working as intended [Removed by Support]

You cannot have zero apples because in that case you don't have apples at all. Zero means non-existence for quantity related things, and in this game mana have a quantity. How can you use/reserve something you don't have?

actually, it was 101% reduced mana, 0-1 is infinity, so you just had infinite mana while having none at all, because just as you've been granted everything, you can't do anything. negative projectile speed basically took advantage of infinity, by having momentum at 0 which is physically impossible, at the same time as everything standing still, everything can reach its target at once.

A momentum of 0 is not physically impossible, as long as either the mass or velocity of an object is zero.
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :-(

la peor decisión que habéis tomado nunca.
i like how vague they are with the info, we're not going to tell you how we fixed it exactly because you bunch of *insert sweary word here* will have a workaround quicker than we hotfixed it otherwise.
Hmmm, aurastackers tears for breakfeast! Delicious!


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