Content Update 3.16.0 -- Path of Exile: Scourge

Mostly amazing changes. Except no Storm Rain buff and also the Uber Atziri changes are just sad. RIP Disfavor forever
Nice to see they don't force Maven bosses to spawn all at once anymore. I hated that.
Can't say I'm fond of the Champion change.

The best part about Fortitude was not having to blow a gem on Fortify On Hit or worry about timers... and now you do if you actually want to focus on Fortify. Because that max cap is useless without that one goddamn gem. Fort Cap increases are dead stats to anyone not using one of exactly two gems, even if you sunk half of your ascendancy into the mechanic.

If the new Fortitude also gave Fortify On Hit, I wouldn't be nearly as annoyed. If there was more ways to gain fortify stacks I wouldn't be nearly as annoyed. Maybe there's some on the tree you haven't told us about, but as-is, I'm annoyed.
if i understand this right, didn't the gladiator get nerfed to the ground now ?

just trying to clarify what i understand.

if you go to the max spell block/attack block route you will be capped at 60% WITH the ascendancy now.
if you go without it you will have a hard time maxing spell block. if at all possible.

so now gladiator block cap went down from 79 to 60 if maxing spell, with more investment than before ?
Iangyratu wrote:
Did you just remove my Beach map?! BEACH?! My beloved Beach? No...No, no, no, no. You aren't such monsters, are you?! What about we swap it for Dungeon or Palace. I hate these. I am in denial, please don't let Beach go :'(

...and Courthouse, and City Square, and...



Dont worry, it's only for this league, maps will rotate in and out each league. For example, no-one is getting a doctor card this league unless you get nurse cards first. Doctor didnt get a new drop location and no burial chambers this league either.
minions got nothing. life regen ... it's not even a buff. pick mobs again for hours
Gondalen wrote:
last time you announced u will change blind and will be lookin into what the skill for saboteur gets instead...


Born in the Shadows: Now grants 15% reduced Damage taken from Blinded Enemies (previously 10%).

you.are.fuckin.joking. gimme my money back for the last 10years

loled hard
if you nerf 10 gems out of 30, you automatically buff the other 20!
I am only wondering if the POB community fork will be updated to this massive passive tree rework.
melee and totems .... "wonderful meta". And again 2.5 builds for the entire league to close all activities. And the cost for 1000 ex

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