Content Update 3.16.0 -- Path of Exile: Scourge

My bad! I almost forgot the heavy buff to it's mana cost xDD
lol they nerfed legacy soul catcher stealth nerf. wow.
Edited: was in a bad mood. Realy tired from week's hard work. Guess the patch is fine. I sayd the game was shit, but its not.
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Did the Immaculate Hideout get permanently axed along with the Ivory Temple, or was it moved to another map? I couldn't find any info on it. I've tried to farm for that hideout for 5 leagues now. RNG-bitten player would happily buy this hideout if it became available in the shop down the road.

But if you go to another life based cluster you will see the same list but the one you already allocated will be grayed out you could choose to not spend a point on a mastery as some lists may only have like 1-3 that apply to your build optimally.

What points are you spending on masteries? Nothing in the tooltip info says anything about points, and all I see in-game are the regular passive, ascendancy, and refund points.

I'm a bit confused here since I just got done rebuilding one of my characters, and while I could open up all the mastery bonus menus I could only actually select one, and after locking in all the changes to the passive grid I couldn't even do that.

Maybe I'm overlooking something, but when the tooltips are saying, "After taking a notable passive skill select a bonus" and there is no "mastery points" counter with all the other point counters I'm just plain confused as to how I can snag the notable passives in 15 clusters that have mastery bonuses and not select a single such bonus.
Introduce a new Cluster Jewel Notable to increase the "Effect of your Auras on You" for builds that are building Auras for their own power.

which new noteable was introduced? i read it 4 times and i cant find it.
Is there no list of all masteries introduced? If I can't navigate the patchnotes with keyword search, they are useless. Nothing found on the web either searching about the masteries.
EngelsPOE wrote:
What's the point of killing Necromancers? Can't they make balanced changes instead of making it unplayable?

I have been playing PoE off and on since 2013 and this is one of the only times where a nerf has affected me this much(Well shotgunning effect on Bowbuilds back in the day but that was not even a big deal) These types of Necros were great to play and you can start with one right off the bat instead of creating another character to use as a farmer to get the currency needed to make the build you really wanted to play.

I don't think they were OP and one really had to work into it around end game. Bur as far as ele minions, there is almost no point in using this build because the AI just can't carry it on its own.

I am sure there will be found alternatives with a mix of items and skill tree but unless you can afford those big-budgeted builds, the casual Spec-minion build is dead after you hit maps.

Never played a Scion before, what actual benefits does a Scion possess that can be greatly beneficial by having this node?

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