Path of Exile Fan Art Competition

I'm submitting another one:

Deal With the Bandits

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Im not good with drawing byheart. So I drew a fan pixel art of one of my favorite ascendancy splash art.

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Here's my submission - Illustration "Chaos laughs, mortal" sketch and WIP
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J'espère gagner!

Finally done with my pixel art! Hope you guys like it!
Hello people,
here's my Heist theme entry.

Obviously, it's not something that's happened yet (or was mentioned in some lore files I've read or heard), but I'd like to represent Nenet and Isla's cute friendship with the "humanoid golem story" in the background, showing a place that's really worth to be called home.

"The place i call home"

Hope you guys like it,
good luck to all!

Some first sketches:

Apparently what should be the globe of Wraeclast :,P

Most current Atlas sketch :,P

The second sketch of Isla and fourth of Nenet.

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Hello people,
Here is my entry, Sculpture in water based clay of Templar with Doryani Fist

Timelapse of sculpting:


My submission for the competition.

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poe fan art competition

shattering/splitting steel deadeye

she budget so shes missing a few pieces of equipment ;D

side note: shattering effect is so much harder than anticipated, looks better zoomed out ahahahah

side side note: "the saviour" is prbly a short sword here

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