Path of Exile Fan Art Competition

Made it in time!

A scene where you are fighting The Brine king

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The less formidable Vaal creation

Here's my entry for this leagues art comp! :D

"Will rather die than continue being a slave"

It's a Merveil! She's mad, but what else is new? xD
Try to combine two of my favorite game.
Path of Exile and Magic the Gathering!

The worst thing is... Life happen, so I've little time to craft my art.
This piece was done in about 3 hour, not quiet enjoy the end result. but I'm just run out of time :(
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Hello, here is my submission : Glimpse of Chaos

3D modeled, 3D printed and painted by me.

The mask is sculpted with Zbrush and some details are made with the Blender Shrinkwrap function🔧

Do not hesitate to follow me on Instagram for more :

I sculpted and rendered Malachai for the contest. hope you like it

another Render of Malachai

Stylized Witch
This my Entry for the competition, hope you like it !
Softwares I used in the process(Zbrush,Maya,Photoshop)


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