Path of Exile Fan Art Competition

here is what i made this time - "The Maven's gift". More pictures you can find here.
Materials used: acrylic paint, polymer clay, epoxy resin, armature wire, wooden board

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Divination card - Kitava, The Insatiable

Hi! I'm Kinwii and this is my first POE fan art submission.

What if a Path of Exile card game? Hahaha...

If you are interested to see my other artworks, here are my social media links:



IG: https: //

Stay safe guys. :3
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Child of Vaal

Traditional art and digital mix.
Hiya Exiles!

Here's my first ever submisson

I know how everybody like the porcupines so I thought it will be fun to make them in "higher resolution". (:

Here is my submission which is remake of my previous submission around 3 years ago. My take on the elementalist.
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My second submission for this competition: Cassia and the Blight Crochet

Extra Shots

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Sanctified Life Flask, Blender
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Well, Brutus, the Chef, going to make cookies for Shavronne <3 :з

Cadiro portrait
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