Path of Exile Fan Art Competition

Hello Exiles!
Here´s my entry, hope you like it!
Hello Exiles!
Here´s my entry, hope you like it!

my interpretation of kitava, hope you will like

Chaos Cipher, or Voidwalker- Shadow who took sharp turn into Witch's part of skill tree.

You're worth it, ladies (and men who swing that way).

I always wanted to make an image of all the classes in one image. I hope everyone like it.

Have a great day!
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Hi, here is my submition.
A slayer and 2 tanks overwhelmed by slave drivers.

submition. Good luck to everyone.
LiIIy wrote:
Hello Exiles,

Here is my entry.

These get my vote for "most delicious looking submission"!

LiIIy wrote:
.... and an Exalted Orb crapcake. However, that one dropped on the floor when Moon Temple fell over it so RIP.

My SO told me "you dropped your Exalt"...

Lost it to an instance crash! lol Your SO sounds like a keeper. :)
Just a lowly standard player, often found in global 2.

Current IGN: Don_Juan_de_la_Nooch
Hi beautiful people! ✨ Here is my Karui theme entry .

I really love Hyrri Ngamaku concept in legion I thought it appropriate to add a band of women archers here ... Just because it is Hyrri.


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The Godless Three

My (first) submission to this contest! :)

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