Path of Exile Fan Art Competition

Third submission :D

"Dominus" [Ink on Paper]

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Innocence' Wall
Sin Gender Bend

Hi! this is my entry for the Fanart Competition,

I wanted to make something related to the Poe community, and make a kind of a meme-ish card.

Stay Sane exiles...

Bil S'abab the crimson king
My dear fellow exiles,

I'm back with another art piece. This time around the setting is a ritual that Kitava demonesses are performing in order to celebrate or even resurrect the fallen god. I'm happy to give You "Ritual of the Feast"

In my professional work, I normally produce a lot of collectibles and I wanted to do a piece for a long time. The aim for this one is to 3d print and paint it eventually. In order to get there, I still want to tweak it and add more details as time permits. I hope I will be able to share the finished collectible with You soon :)

Stay safe and have fun in Wraeclast,
kind regards,
Ancestral Protector

my submission for this contest: "The Descent". I tried to capture the look of the Zombie-/Rumblemanc0r that I made this season. Always wanted to make a build using the Femurs of the Saints staff! And I love the idea of the elevator in the Descent-Map. :D

And a loading-screen-like version:

Great art in this thread, good luck everyone! :D
Hello Exiles,

Here is my entry.

All the decorations are edible. I used marzipan for the shapes which I've then "painted" with cinnamon, cocoa, golden food dust and powdered sugar. The other decors are crushed pistachio and colorful beads.

Made a Divine Orb cupcake,

a Vaal Orb cupcake,

a Moon Temple Map (because I've done one too many in my search for the hideout)

.... and an Exalted Orb crapcake. However, that one dropped on the floor when Moon Temple fell over it so RIP.

My SO told me "you dropped your Exalt"...


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