Path of Exile Fan Art Competition

Portrait of Alva front of the temple
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"Irrelevant!!" The shaper's done in pencil and photoshop
Long have I waited for calm-
the weightlessness of being
the cleansing silence.
The ocean gave me no respite
Born from its boiling blood
daughter of storm and sea
From the froth of her womb
I am wed to Wraeclast
My dowry is death-
I am tempest

The Maven
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Hey all, This is my submission

Tribute to Labyrinth
I enjoyed running labs this league and wanted to create something inspired by all the cool traps inside.

Software used - Maya/Arnold/Gimp

My 2nd submission: Maven
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My Necromancer Fanart:
Hope you like it Exile
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Ah, tks you all, My art is already displayed.
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My entry Lunaris Fanart

Based on concept artwork

Polymer clay over steel wire armature
Acrylic paints
Wooden base

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