Path of Exile Fan Art Competition


i'm realy love this character )
And now this is an Elementalist

Desadaptado2 wrote:
This is my submission

based on the painting

This is simply glorious. We had the original painting in the living room for like half of my life. Never expected to show up in PoE, unbelievable.

Here is my submission:
"Star of Wraeclast"
Good luck everyone! Awesome artwork posted here.
Here's my submission:

The Smiting of Kitava

I was inspired by classical representations of Saint George and the dragon. Innocence and Sin are effortlessly holding the Cradle of Purity, without struggle, as per their divinity (and the fact that the one who struggled was mainly the Exile...), as the beast below lets out its final scream.

Best of luck to all the participants!

Hi, this is my submission.
I called it Blood Magic:

hi hello!

I redrew the Grave Knowledge div card as a meme. It's meant to be Mathil but I'm sure we can all relate :)


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Poor poor Piety

:'( :'( :'(
Occultist-chan ♥♥♥

Nica - Mistress of the Deep
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