Path of Exile Fan Art Competition

Here's my entry!

"The Art of The Karui"

Undead Love

My second and last submission :)

Here is my Submission, a Duelist fighting the Chimera wearing some of our favourite Gear :)
Hi I want to show you my art created for competition "Necromancer" : )

You can see my art in better resolution on imagur:
or my artstation:

Hope you like it ^^

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Battle of monsters:
Carrion Golemancer vs Argus

Bone helmet + Brass dome + saffel's frame + cold iron point + titan gauntlets and greaves.
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Wraeclast Casino - Are You Winning, Exile?
(my husband and I crafting armors)
Last minute work as I didn't have time to play or draw the last couple weeks. Hope you like it.
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Hello! This is my entry.

The Star of Wraeclast

My entry, Tane in his lab:

Maven's Invitation
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