Path of Exile Fan Art Competition

Here is my submission, good luck to everyone!

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The plot is banal. Noob performance.

I have tried.

p.s. Blender + Photoshop

p.p.s. Try to find Glass Shank

p.p.p.s. Try to find crabs :'(


Assassin - 5head 1500+ Int (Power siphon + KB): /view-thread/2981359
Assassin - Соплемансер (Viper Strike): /view-thread/2762969
Trickster - БорисХренПопадёшь (Essence Drain + Contagion): /view-thread/2628164
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For my submission I did the Ship graveyard!
Hope you enjoy, good luck exiles!
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Chill out !. My submission :)

Apparently I’m terrible at trying to post a picture. How did life get so difficult?
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Consequences of Greed

My 2nd submission
Scion and Sin

My submission: "Dark Sun"

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My submission to the fanart competition =D Navali

My other submission to the fanart competition =D
Choose your character ;) Witch

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