Path of Exile Fan Art Competition

This is my submission

based on the painting
Don't remember when was the last time I drew something. Hope you enjoy it <3
Also, good luck to all participants!

Highest risk, highest reward

Nice idea with the cave painting. Showing how old chaos is.
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I painted my first portrait and it had to be Zana :)

Made a fanart of my favorite build on the game (Death's oath Occultist) had a lot of fun drawing and playing this build this league

Ah man I made an art on May 4th, no way to make it count? :(
I think someone will like it ^^
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Yugitero wrote:
I think someone will like it ^^

stygian fireball look sweet
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The Ascent

Another one, 2 exiles + Einhar.
Einhar is impressed by the size of the fish he just found.
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The Pitfighter pack is one of my favourite Armour sets, so I did a simple drawing of that!

My submission: Alva Crochet :D

Extra shots

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