3.14.1b Patch Notes (restartless)

Mike_84 wrote:
Is that all, again? Trialmaster, divine shrine availability? Ultimatum rewards scaling for the risk? Etc?

719 maps, 1 trialmaster, 0 divine shrine; each maps cleared till less than 10 monsters remains.

this! so much this!

trialmaster NOWHERE! why he hides? what he scary of? made new boss and make chance for boss spawn 0%

also no ban for cheaters... good job GGG! when u will reward cheaters with free MTX?
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This was a restartless deploy

well not really.. Client crashed then updated upon restart.
Still no trialmaster increased spawn rate? Ok...
Melaviy is a fake.
No Trialmaster buff? I'm glad I haven't bought a support pack this league...
Great patch now kick me out when load game.
The ChickenMaster whats never fights!

Only mocking can do.
League style.
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Fix trialmaster, 7 days 10 hour played (not afk), seen him once
>>Fixed a client crash that could occur during the Malachai, The Nightmare encounter.

nearly ghave me a stroke, that is such an annoying boss
Af the patchnote I experiencing massive FPS drops. I had no problems yesterday :/
So on Apr 22 you guys made a post "What We're Working On for Ultimatum"
There was a phase "We're keeping a close eye on the experience of Ultimatum encounters and their balance"
So almost 2 weeks passed, and everything was done is increasing AOE of the "stone circles" encounter.
So that's it? No one who "keeping a close eye on balance" ain't noticed that it's busted?
In some cases, there are like 15 rare mobs with literally every possible aura in the game buffing each other.
Whats about reducing the spawn rate of enemies there, especially chunky rares?

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