3.14.1b Patch Notes (restartless)

Thanks for clarifying that "exploit early, exploit often" is still the rule.

Not banning people making mirror from split and the other exploits but you do get banned for generating too many items.

Forum and trade scamming is still legit, so that's the way to go it seems.
zfate wrote:
Thanks for clarifying that "exploit early, exploit often" is still the rule.

Not banning people making mirror from split and the other exploits but you do get banned for generating too many items.

Forum and trade scamming is still legit, so that's the way to go it seems.

yes this!

its worst news... go on GGG help abusers and exploiters!
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Fixed a bug where Harvest plots could grant fewer than four crafts. Each plot now correctly grants a minimum of four crafts per plot.

Kieren_GGG wrote:
Fixed a bug where monsters in Ultimatum encounters could teleport on top of your character and prevent you from moving.

this is especially nasty while using cyclone. trust me i know :(


just tested. it seems to be still happening?

edit 1: trialmaster bug

i was completely frozen when he launched some kind of fire at me at the beginning of the event and killed me instantly. maybe it wouldn't be bad if at the beginning of the event he can't use his main skills right away or something to give people some time to get away after they are "unfrozen"?
i have not seen the mirror drop in ten years of playing PoE! maybe it's time ?
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Still no fix for bugged Trialmaster challenges... im not happy bout that
Is that all, again? Trialmaster, divine shrine availability? Ultimatum rewards scaling for the risk? Etc?

719 maps, 1 trialmaster, 0 divine shrine; each maps cleared till less than 10 monsters remains.
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Bweeoop wrote:
You need to fix Harvest, you miserable SOBs.

I don't mean you need to unnerf the crafts, I don't mean you need to change how many crafts show up per patch.


Allowing players to save only 10/15 crafts is too few by a long, long way. It should be enough to store 3 groves worth of harvests, minimum. If I want to play your game by mapping, I should be allowed to do that. Same goes for everything else, Delve, Temples, Heist. Harvest is the only mechanic forcing me to engage with it, right then and there. Imagine if Delve forced players to enter the mine every time it showed up in a map or face losing most of the sulphite? Imagine if Essences only allowed you to save 10 at a time, and you couldn't trade them?


I get the fact some people take a long time in harvest, but uhh, I have to argue against it bro, most of the chaos/alch crafts which can be used then and there and that comes with some stash tab organization and what you plan to use what on. This was more or less an issue in the last league when we got an exalt craft every other harvest. I'm usually in and out in less then 3 minutes when I see a harvest. Granted not everyone knows what they want to use their crafts on so they take longer which I also get.

BUT....also nothing is forcing you to engage with harvest, it's there like blight, like alva, but nothing says you have to interact with anything thats on a map. You interact with it because you know it has the potential to be powerful or give something you want/need.

With that being said, personally I still think the harvest count is too low even with the minimum having a "bug" which honestly, I don't buy it. I think that was a term they added into this "fix" to not receive backlash and to seem like "heroes". I can't even find 10-15 harvests to really save because of how rare stuff is, maybe that is the intent, but I don't find harvest enjoyable as a system in it's current state. Think it's just garbage, overly nerfed. I think the "buffs" they did to other league mechanics are....ok as it's better then what it was, but still needs alittle love in some other areas. Also feel like some of the Atlas passives are very....meh.

Personally I'd add an alter into the grove and reintroduce seeds. You have multiple tiers of seeds and by interacting with the alter will energize the plot to provide either "more" or "better" crafts depending on the tier of seed. Which in turn can convert some of the existing seeds on the plot to higher tier seeds juicing up the rewards/crafts. And these seeds can drop in the game from anywhere. And yes this can tend to take longer for some people doing harvest, but this would be for people to target/purchase a way to get a bigger benefit out of harvest if they so choose, otherwise they could continue to do harvest as it is now.
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return the monsters to the ultimatum !!!
Clarified that the Shrine of Empowerment room and the Sanctum of Unity room in the Temple of Atzoatl require adjacent rooms to be connected in order for them to be upgraded. This is purely a description change.

wow i had no idea, just wow. why did this take so long...?
Thanks for the update fixes ggg regardless if everything under the sun didn't get addressed all at once. We are all human after all, and some problems do take some time to get sorted through moreso than other problems. Thanks though for the work you do. Much appreciated.

I'm sure in time more things will get iron'd out to make the game better. The instant gratification crowd need to excercise more patience and understanding so don't get bogged down by all the nastiness that gets spewed out on these forums. Keep it moving.
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