3.14.1b Patch Notes (restartless)

so no bans for exploit abusers or what?

and boss fight still MEGA rare...

GGG pls just make that boss rate spawn higher! pls! its just few cnanges to numbers like from 0% to 50% and thats it
Ultimatum Master Craft Service in Ultimatum My IGN TreeOfDead
https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2037371 Vouch
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Master Crafting Service in Ultimatum USC craft PM: TreeOfDead
TreeOfDead wrote:
when Trialmaster bossfight will be fixed and access to it will be buffed?

i mean not small %% but make it flat 40-50% at the end of each fight or someth

also when u ban exploit abusers? theres no news from u about it and no bans so far for HUGE exploit abuse and HUGE economy damage they done! WTF?!?

Nice thx
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so still no fix for the black boxes graphic glitches on AMD gpu from the TRIAL APE monsters during an Ultimatum encounter?
I don’t think the problem with harvest was the minimum of 4 crafts, but the fact that the aug and rem non specific crafts were supposed to remain almost at the same ration, according to the manifesto, but even accounting for the fact that we do not have rem and rem aug crafts anymore, the ratio is closer to 1:4 of what we used to and yes, the chaos crafts were overwhelming in number but now they are almost underwhelming, tho this fix should help at least with the last of the mentioned issues
Fixed a bug where Blighted Maps anointed with Teal Oils were spawning monsters faster than intended.

So we can assume that [Removed by Support] will get banned now, right?
He saw that they spawned way faster, acknowledged it and exploited it live on stream for hours on end to hundreds of people ( I quote: "Wow, they spawned so fast that was barely a minute" -> proceeds to annoint the next map).

Or is this not "exploit-y" enought to be a bannable offense?
Just wanting to know the stance of GGG on this and where they draw a line.
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Is Trialmaster Tether working as intended?

Could you please check it and give clear answer, is that we doing something wrong or is it bugged? It's frustrating to being unable to complete challenges on top of boss spawning one time per 70 maps.

See this bug report https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3106691
R*** n*****
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WOOOO, 4 harvest craft per plots! Harvest is back, baby! Up to 12 free random fossils per map!!!
ETA on Celestial Toxic Rain MTX fix? White-box flashbangs for paid product feels bad.
Deprise wrote:
ETA on Celestial Toxic Rain MTX fix? White-box flashbangs for paid product feels bad.

Have you checked your Bloom setting?

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