3.14.1b Patch Notes (restartless)

can we get liege primordial golem respawn bugs fixed?
it's been almost 1 month,I mean come on..
game lags like hell since this patch, even in hideout.
ETA on Celestial Toxic Rain MTX fix? White-box flashbangs for paid product feels bad.

This ... and I especially love seeing the vomit-colored squares instead of eyes whenever frenzy triggers.

Fixed a bug where Harvest plots could grant fewer than four crafts. Each plot now correctly grants a minimum of four crafts per plot.

oh joy
2x reforge a normal item as a rare
1x link 3 sockets
1x convert a map to a map you have not yet completed

this is great content that Im so happy to engage with

well done

I'll give you something else to think about.

Last league I had around 23-25 drops of exalted orbs.
This league I had 1 far (+few as rewards of ultimatum) withing similar time.

Wasn't the drop rate too overnerfed?

1 patch fixes 300 and above MS spikes in mob packs and freezes
2 patch make it back 300 ms spikes
3 fixed
4 spikes
5 fixed
6 spike s

wtf Hate plaing this game only 1-2 week in month
during last 2 days I've encountered exactly 1 9wave ulti, 1 8wave ulti, 0 trialmaster, also why exa drops are so terrible?
Fixed a bug where monsters in Ultimatum encounters could teleport on top of your character and prevent you from moving.
If the bug is really fixed, what stopping my cyclone in every Ultimatum trial and prevent my char to move? (I'm stun immune from ascendancy)

Apart from that no crashes or major problems on my side.
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Fixed a bug where Ultimatum monsters have their auras stacked dealing unintended amounts of damage to players in high level encounters

Why this is not in the patch notes? You nerf aurastacking on players but its allowed on monsters?

I'm sure this shit damages the server too, everytime ultimatum opens theres lag and fps drops everywhere, and you don't seem to care about it.
Same thing here basically unplayable

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