Ultimatum League: Creating the Trialmaster

Probably cool boss and all, then why the synthesis cortex spawn rate failure again?
I have seen him exactly once so far yesterday on my 673rd map in my 208th hour. Fine?
Oh, and failed all conditionals of course being able to see nothing what is going on in the arena.
And not to forget the all time great random loot, an elder map for 9th wave, a lure for 10th wave....

All-Time Non-Streamer Luckless Dropless Rewardless Tons-of-Time-Playing 100% Solo Player.
1744 maps, 1127 ultimatums, 3 trialmaster; 1 crash, 1 kill, 1 instant death on degen.
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Its like the cheap version of last league..with a massive imbalanced..
So the real league seems more about the massive re balance then the "Taskmaster"..
On the positive side, I LOVE the trialmaster character and the voicelines. Very well done. I am also intrigued by the 'chaos' entity. I can see it be used again at a later time, maybe even the catalyst for transition to poe2. Good writing guys.
Yo i work a lot. And iam not even going to think about it. Stupid design. Also stuck on maps as always. Atlas progression still clunky af.
DoEFotGS wrote:
Kaperesque wrote:
but I wanted to say, great job on the trialmaster's design!

Problem in the fact that after a few times of attention to Trialmaster - you still playing in action RPG that massively focused to RNG in all possible ways.

It's not a story game, it's not a visual novell, it's even not a quest. This game where you kill as much monsters as possible as fast as possible and hope that something really good dropped at the end... finally.

And at this point - Trialmaster and whole Ultimatum is failed. Risk do nothing with reward in that encounters, because risk present in every of them, but reward is rare. Also how good are you, how much ultimatums you cleared without stop or die, how dangerous mod you choose - it's seems that this things does nothing to escalate your reward. And the rotten cherry on that cake is boss spawn rate.

Nobody cares how good or bad this fight, how much work GGG put into mechanics (or not), if nobody actually seen him.

KGabQr wrote:
harvest never found augment or remove craft
Trialmaster never boss.... :(

Annul craft has been removed... read patch notes?
snowmittens wrote:
Just add to the ever growing list bad boss designs GGG has been spewing out lately(Sirus, Maven, Grove).

Thank god they are optional

How can you even spawn grove now?... never done that boss. Heard she drops shit though. So doesn't really matter. But still a shame...
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his spawn chance is awful - encountered him 3 times - but rewards were beyond garbage - stacked decks, yellow(!) map(he spawned at t16 map btw) and several exalted shards...

add that his unique helmet is worth nothing...
what a terrible attempt to improve the reception of this league..
Rafalovski666 wrote:
if only we could fight him

oh wait its a solid 1 in 200 maps chance, forgot.

more like 1 in a thousand maps, found it twice since the start of the league...

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