Ultimatum League: Creating the Trialmaster

What about Trialmaster's spawn rate?
Melaviy is a fake.
Wait this guy can spawn as a boss?? Its been weeks into the league and i've never found them LOL

I love their character, the way they change depending on how much i've lost or won is just so awesome. Hope I get to witness all the interactions like the boss fight eventually.
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Trialmaster is very cool, but as a boss He is tooooooooooooooooooooo rare.
I can FLY!
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harvest never found augment or remove craft
Trialmaster never boss.... :(
The Trialmaster is definitely one of my favourite characters added, if not my new favourite. His character is wonderfully well done and engaging.
Atlas bonus obj 147/164 and awakening bonus obj 94/164. Done all maps trials and you know what ? never seen a single fight with it. Ty, nice challenge.
neat lore, fun character. i kinda liked having the progression of him constantly mocking me at the beginning of the league to thirsting my defeat later on.
dude is ghost. idk how many Ultimatums in a row I've completed to the very end, but damn GGG, it really is no fun after doing this at least 10x in a row to completion and nothing, nothing at all. Stupid rng, and stupid concept gaiting it behind that. At least a progress bar or something after each ultimatum...something
Just add to the ever growing list bad boss designs GGG has been spewing out lately(Sirus, Maven, Grove).

Thank god they are optional
Clearly making T16 should increase the chances of seeing one.. its way to rare.

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