Ultimatum League: Creating the Trialmaster

jackof8lades wrote:
Got him once in like 300 ish ulti's ran to the end(also why am i not allowed to run every ulti to the max?), like can we not.
I legit don't even have any clue wtf his last challenges are supposed to be, got the first 2 tho.
Way way way to rare and why isn't this a drop? Like make his encounter a subscribed ultimatum so i can at least trade for it and ppl who can't do the boss at least get some currency from making it to the final round just like you know every other boss ever in poe.

100% this! why not make chance WAAAAAAAY higher? why? just nerf loot but increase chance for boss!
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The juxtaposition between the consistent, incredible talent shown by GGG's voice actors and art, writing, and modeling teams; versus the sheer pants-on-head stupidity (or else, what, unrestrained viciousness?) of GGG's game design and balance team is enough to give me conniptions.

I'd love to experience more of this character, but I've managed to fight him once, early in the league before fight guides came out (how, exactly, was I supposed to practice against a boss that's affected by map mods, and that is rarer than my Exalt drops in terms of encounters/hour?), and died to him instantly. Great game design. Funny how you didn't learn from Oshabi, after acknowledging and fixing the problems with Oshabi.

And don't throw Delve bosses at me, GGG simps: those are rare as hen's teeth, but once found, I can practice and repeat the encounter to my heart's content, up until I complete it. That's a great way to balance rare boss encounters! Why that hasn't stayed for later rare bosses, I don't know.
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There's a lot of people here pissing and moaning about the trialmaster being rare, league too hard etc- but I wanted to say, great job on the trialmaster's design! I got so excited when I first realized he was remembering how my previous trials had all gone, and I took a great pleasure in discovering how he reacted to everything you do. Getting all angsty and upset when you win a bunch of times, calling you a loser when you fail a few times in a row, and then getting desperately apologetic when you just start ignoring him. His visual design is fantastic, his voice acting is great, huge fan of the big man. Reminds me a lot of levelling bestiary, when I'd crack up cuz einhar showed up with a line I hadn't heard yet. He's definitely my favorite league npc since einhar, the level of personality is absolutely wonderful.
Close to 800\900 maps ran so far this league and completed I'd say close to 90%-95% of ultimatums without failing, encountered the trial master around 7 times, failed it twice (mostly trying to figure out the challenges). I find it quite funny that wave 9 rewards me with 1 exalted orb, then on the trial master I receive 3 exalted shards, and this has been the case for every trial master I have fought so far. Very disappointing boss loot for this mechanic, I guess I'm fortunate enough to have seen him though!
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Kaperesque wrote:
but I wanted to say, great job on the trialmaster's design!

Problem in the fact that after a few times of attention to Trialmaster - you still playing in action RPG that massively focused to RNG in all possible ways.

It's not a story game, it's not a visual novell, it's even not a quest. This game where you kill as much monsters as possible as fast as possible and hope that something really good dropped at the end... finally.

And at this point - Trialmaster and whole Ultimatum is failed. Risk do nothing with reward in that encounters, because risk present in every of them, but reward is rare. Also how good are you, how much ultimatums you cleared without stop or die, how dangerous mod you choose - it's seems that this things does nothing to escalate your reward. And the rotten cherry on that cake is boss spawn rate.

Nobody cares how good or bad this fight, how much work GGG put into mechanics (or not), if nobody actually seen him.
E = mc^(OMG)/wtf
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Nice, but too bad the average person can't fight him.

All that effort, only to make it extremely rare. Nice move.
k nice work GGG!

BUT why its SOOOOOOOOOOOO RARE??? like its part of challenge and also main boss with cool mechanic and new stuff u worked BUT we cant see him or find him bcs CHANCE IS ZERO (for me at least)??

u worked so hard to make it BUT I CANT FIND HIM! how complete challenge? how i can see ur work IF ITS NOWHERE?!?!

u did same mistake as with aul... aul super cool boss BUT NO1 will find him bcs chance ZERO!

why not make droppable Inscribed Ultimatum with fixed Trialmaster??? why not?

also why u make chance for Trialmaster to zero? or close to zero? whats point? u rly think its fun? i dont have any fun finding bad reward and never seen Trialmaster... bad idea with Trialmaster 0 chance to find

ez fix: make chance to fight Trialmaster akways fixed after complete 3 or 4 trials
or make uniq Inscribed Ultimatum with fixed fight with Trialmaster
or make him always at the end any fight
2.6.0: Removed Fun; Added Despond.
I not able to meet that boss, but wait. IT is because i already deleted path of exile 3 days ago.

So many happy years with u i had. But something has changed. Im not sure what exactly. But when i was trying to play the game i Felt sick after 15minutes of playing. Forcing myself to just alt f4 the game to desktop which treated my mood Back to normal. I dont feel enjoyment And fun or satisfaction from time spent. I feel kinda lied to. Misdirected from what i was expecting And what is the worst i dont even feel community opinions are being taken seriously.

Maybe i just grew old.

Im not saying im gone forever nor ill be playing some other game. I just lost that feeling u were providing to me. Were great Times. Thank you for IT.

With respect. Kashmiro
I like him, but please make him more common or make us able to fight him through another type of Inscribed Ultimatum.
R*** n*****
Another same problem happened in Heist League, stupid league boss fight only able to gain access by obtaining the unique Heist contract in order to fight him to clear league challenge....well I guess endgame league content only available to super lucky people or no-life gamer/streamer, not suit normal people who needs to work & only able to play daily like 3-4hrs.

Nice job GGG

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