Ultimatum League: Creating the Trialmaster

not a fan of boss encounters that are rng locked and aren't accessible to casual folk
actually even to NON casual folk have problem finding him... like nolifes have problem too lol

like wtf where he is? why he soooooooooooo rare?
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mysterious, immortal... AND non-existent
I know this post is just about his lore but holy hell can you guys at GGG please learn something about telegraphing your mechanics, why am I getting one shot by an ability I can't see everytime I fight this boss, he slams the ground and creates random fisures that go in random directions (btw if he freezes you on a mechanic he spawns you just die, and he randomly decides where his mechanics spawn, i've died twice from the freeze ending and not having a millisecond to move my character)

Visual clarity once again the crux of your boss design failure.

To quote Chris "If there is one thing we've learned how to do very well, its design boss fights."

This was before the awakener of worlds was released, and the best boss in the game is still uber elder.

You mean there is another boss besides the trial master?

Haven´t seen it yet with 2 high level characters
A few players have noticed that the Trialmaster still remembers your past record when you switch to another character. That's because he's not talking to your character. He's talking to you!

Still sane, GGG?
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3 days sir. Not weeks. And im glad. All what is left to do IS to vanish from fórum as well since im not a player anymore.

Yes u caught me. Im not liking the game.
But i caught u as well. U Just like everything.

No matter if its shit or not.

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kiwichap wrote:
You mean there is another boss besides the trial master?

Haven´t seen it yet with 2 high level characters

Yeah I was confused as well I'm thinking yo he's in every map!!! and them I'm thinking wait ok maybe you get to fight him or something - so I assume he offers you to challenge him? Is he gated by a specific red tier?
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Found and fought him 3 times in around 400 maps x2 were on 8 mod vaal maps coincidence maybe

The boss is pure RNG

None of the cool stuff about the trialmaster impact his spawn rate

Take reward at wave 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 no impact
Win streaks made no difference
Loose streaks make no difference

Skip the League mechanic for maps in a row see more harvest buff?

I remember from long ago when the game was bare bones and 3 month leagues added fresh new content into the core game standard league. Now almost no one plays standard and the core game are the 3 month leagues. Yet you restrict the player base so much with access to the new stuff I am so bored already
Hello everyone! I must admit this post really hitted me and made me even more exited about the new mechanic!
You need to know im an exile who likes to help ingame and ill try do that now!
I read for people who like encounter Thus after 200 maps,well i manage to fight with him 2 times in one day in like no more than 20 maps from each fight.
I think they key exiles is never skip and never fail an Ulltimatum,worked for me.
Ill have more tme to play it this weekedn and ill be glad to share any future results , Good luck out there .
Great work!

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