Ultimatum League: Creating the Trialmaster

iSammax wrote:
karotts wrote:
All you people are so negative all the time.

This post is about the story and the character, not encounters, so stay on topic and praise the creator. I love my successes and my defeats and the dialogue and the voice actor. Very well executed. Thank you for this league and this awesome new character.

To all of you CONSTANTLY complaining about everything: put away your outrage for a second and look at yourselves. You're whining. Like children. Stop. Anytime GGG has listened to the community requests, they have made great mechanics boring. I will never forgive you whiners for Delirium nerfs.

Just because you're loudest does not mean you speak for everyone. You're just in an echo chamber.

**Just to clarify, I do not stream or make videos. I don't map 18 hours a day. When I map, I open every chest and kick every rock and pick up every armourer's scrap so I don't even zoom when I do map. I can't kill The Maven by myself. Yet somehow I have found and defeated the Trialmaster and I definitely don't find that the ultimatums too difficult at high level maps.

that should be a new copypasta, very very good indeed

Sure looks like it, I thought he was serious till the kick every rock line.
doed this boss even exsist , i been farming for weeks now and not even once saw it
It's always a pleasure to see behind the curtain of narrative design!


You're going to encounter the league NPC in every. single. area. How do I, the Narrative Designer, help make that experience fun rather than repetitive?

As a long time player I've been wondering for a couple years now, if the league mechanic really needs to be introduced in every zone (during the league)?

Leagues aren't as valuable to new players as recurring ones, and imo it can be counterproductive to throw so many mechanics at a fresh player at a time. It might be time to implement leagues at the established 8% rate from the outset (which would simplify the balancing process, as the tempo of the mechanic wouldn't need to be designed around two ends of a spectrum) with a directed introduction for the first encounter.

It would be ideal from my (limited) perspective as a lore apprecianado for League mechanics to be tied more strongly to narratively consistent zones, with a set rate in maps (and potentially an elevated rate in lore related areas). I won't make suggestions for where particular Leagues would end up, but an Abyss in a Belly of the Beast tileset weirds me out a bit.


Secondly, I'm very excited to see what happens in the story to bridge campaign 1 and campaign 2.
*You call into the void. You hear a sound in the distance.*

My goal is to get a HH from the environment this league. Do not doubt my rock kicking.
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Im glad to see some ppl are still enjoying the game! Wow
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All you do is post complaints about the game yet here you are, replying to posts weeks after you supposedly deleted it? Which one of us has nothing better to do IRL?

I apologize. I should be the bigger man and let it go but your kind grinds my nerves.
Not a fan of omnipresent beings that know everything, they make everything seem pointless. Also, the idea of a player as an "entity" is by far the worst thing done to PoE lore.

Also, not a fan of boss encounters that are rng locked and aren't accessible to casual folk.

All in all, Ultimatum is just less rewarding, but quicker, Ritual with a repetitive (yes, he is) NPC attached.

Sorry for all the negativity, the game is still good, even if not as good as before, but the league is kind of disappointing.
Trollmaster's sarcastic voice lines do really shine among otherwise mediocre "league mechanic" aka another glorified lootbox.

On the other hand, the changes to past content like betrayal, lab and alva are really, really nice.
"Path of Exile's engine is currently modern, lean and fast." - Chris Wilson, September 19th, 2019
I love the character, but rushing maps to finally see him again to complete the challenges almost destroyed him for me. Either he needs to be more common or the challenges have to actually work (there is multiple videos that show something is bugged with the tether challenge).
Tell those guys they did they work in vain. Cause most players won't even see this bad ass due to stupid RNG gated Trialmaster

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