Ultimatum League: Creating the Trialmaster

These lore news pieces are always interesting to read!
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Ul-tamato's. wee love red on red on red with red effects on red red red.
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Okay this chance to meet the trialmaster, tell me better when I can see aug or t4 seed
Cool stuff. I guess I'll come across the Trialmaster some time randomly in the next 2-3 leagues when his encounter chance has been rethought and reworked. These kinds of unreachable and streamer oriented gameplay/investment needs to change. Can't wait for PoE2 that looks MUCH smoother and slower. PoE is (or was) amazing but it is slowly crumbling under it's own weight.

Change your new leagues vision. Bring back old, reworked boss fights. (Rise of Dominus? My personal favorite...) Focus on the new mechanics all along prologue and mapping like you are currently doing and have the new antagonist slowly encounter you throughout mapping until an almost assured encounter in higher tier maps (15-16). This way, every player has a chance to experience new content. Compared to having to get a super rare unique item drop in order to experience content. Streamers don't make the game, the general player base does.

It is time to change GGG. But, the answer to this is PoE 2. :)

Cheers! still excellent reachable content in the league though. (skill gems, some uniques / cards)
I do love this game, but it seems like it has too much bloat in it these days. The challenges need to stop being so RNG based, I don't get it. Also, Ultimatums in white maps can be more challenging than a red tier map by itself, maybe overtuned a bit? I have never seen the trialmaster either. Just my thoughts.
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The zero round challenger returns
Stop making bosses with conditional challenges if you want to tune them this rare.
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Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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You spend all this time designing something most people can't ever see? makes no sense! i play 6+ hours a day, and it's just impossible to get him to spawn!

Terrible design, would rate 1/10.
All the effort seems like a bit of waste if no one gets to fight the boss.

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