Ultimatum League: Creating the Trialmaster

ncsbert wrote:
All the effort seems like a bit of waste if no one gets to fight the boss.


zero boss fight and im tired so much... it looks like need play 3-4 weeks just to find 1 time and die randomly from someth u cant see

so much fun! nerf it!
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I had friends mention that even when they didn't really feel like fighting him they were still goaded into it by the voice lines. I suppose that's the pinnacle of achievement for narrative design.
Fix the damn spawn rate
DimeGod wrote:
Cool stuff. I guess I'll come across the Trialmaster some time randomly in the next 2-3 leagues when his encounter chance has been rethought and reworked. These kinds of unreachable and streamer oriented gameplay/investment needs to change.

You have completed 26 maps. How many end game bosses were you expecting to find at this stage?
Another league where HH is a must have in higher lvl content...
That's terrible design wise.


Fix Conversion TRAP
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
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I've seen the trial master 4 times in the 9 days I played prior to retiring from the league. First time I engaged him and killed him. The other 3 times the reward didn't match what was being risked (winged scarab that was eh). I've been seeing him since T12 maps and onward and engaged in almost every ultimatum I've seen. Maybe others arent getting as "lucky" all though I don't view the lack of reward for engaging a trial master as "lucky". Could I have engaged him the other 3 times? Sure the fight is....ok it's not bad its just ok in my eyes. But hope you guys get your chance to engage. This is just my thoughts and experience from the first 9 days of the league. Don't intend to continue unless some more changes happen mid league which I don't expect major tweaks mid season from GGG unless it pertains to a "bug" or other issue.
I'm halfway through level 99 and I've fought him once.


Can't even try Conditionallys cause he is so rare :(

PLS increase the Spawn rate...
Got him once in like 300 ish ulti's ran to the end(also why am i not allowed to run every ulti to the max?), like can we not.
I legit don't even have any clue wtf his last challenges are supposed to be, got the first 2 tho.
Way way way to rare and why isn't this a drop? Like make his encounter a subscribed ultimatum so i can at least trade for it and ppl who can't do the boss at least get some currency from making it to the final round just like you know every other boss ever in poe.
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GGG: We need new content...
Devs: Lets take old shit and make it LOOK different but say it's new...
GGG: OK as long as it's another 'click a thing and make monsters spawn...and sometimes... a BOSS!'

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