3.14.1 Hotfix

Ok since this "hotfix" my game is completly bricked. Every time I use a skill in a map for the first time, or a new mob comes in I have a micro stutter. If something like delirium spawns than the game is just a constant stutter.
I had issues with invisible enemies and invisible skills killing me. After the update i now have issues with my FPS starting to range from 200 to 0 when killing monsters.
That explains why i have better performance when i disable "engine multithreading"

there must be more bugs in the way you manage your thread pool

hotfix causing BSOD for me... HELP

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My Client still doesnt upgrade...

Still no support?
GGG: "Unfortunately we are not currently offering email Technical Support, due to limited staff resources. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause...we can assist you with any account, payment or microtransaction issues."

Great patch, ggg, didn't have any texture streaming problems, but after this "patch" i have fps drops. Same shit happend last league after one of your "performance fix" patches, fps went to dogshit for more than a week. Tyvm, pls fix or revert -_-
感谢作者大大 继续努力
So im not alllowed to have an opinion?
No curse words, nothing but a heads up that your patch doesnt work like you intended.
And you delete my post, well played.
I am just guessing that this "unexpected" errors that people have been occuring is due to the fact that GGG deleted "lots of database code" during the launch of Ultimatum league (first day) to skip the "queue" and "nothing helped" until 24 hours later when you tried one "final thing", I guess those other things you deleted have to do with those stutterings, not loading textures, and crashese and bad performance we are getting now. Maybe you can re-load your old database code or re-add it and since you knew what the fix was, only remove that, and keep the other database codes that was deleted, because the game have been running very unstable ever since (if we don't think about the queues, but I think that problem is solved now anyhow)
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All respect but after this hotfix game freezes every new map I enter, enering town or changing location. The interesing part is that I still can chat with other players, see the global chat in real time. Latency is fine. Just freezes lasting like from 10 to 30 seconds where I simply relaunch the game... No major performance issues before this patch since the league start(even texture streaming bug was not that bad comparing to this). I think you shouldn't drop experemental fixes just before weekend when all the code engineers have their well deserved pinocolada nights. Hope to see hotfix's hotfix soon, best of luck before that!
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