3.14.1 Hotfix

Hello guys!

Earlier today before this hotfix i played, and everything was fine. I'm one of the lucky ones that were unnafected by the texture streaming issues and overall i've always had 90 fps + even on chaotic maps.

Now for whatever reason my game is locked on 40ish fps.

Nothing has changed on my end, same video settings. Both vulkan and dx11 are unplayable to me.

I attached a screenshot with some data: https://imgur.com/nT1nWPE

I can give more details regarding my setup if needed.
So before this "hotfix" I had no issues with game at all, all was running smoothly at 120fps, ultimatum encounters were at 90-120fps with a lot of stuff happening on my screen. Now I'm getting random fps drops to 70-80 sometimes even to 60 fps just by running around the map and killing small packs of mobs.

My rig is: AMD Ryzen 7 3700x, Geforce RTX 3070, 16GB RAM @3200Mhz, game installed on m.2 pce-e 4.0 SSD.
I still have the texture problems...shall I reset some folder or something in PoE ?

I'm pretty much a n00b whem it comes to stuff like that :-)
powerupp wrote:
All respect but after this hotfix game freezes every new map I enter, enering town or changing location. The interesing part is that I still can chat with other players, see the global chat in real time. Latency is fine. Just freezes lasting like from 10 to 30 seconds where I simply relaunch the game... No major performance issues before this patch since the league start(even texture streaming bug was not that bad comparing to this). I think you shouldn't drop experemental fixes just before weekend when all the code engineers have their well deserved pinocolada nights. Hope to see hotfix's hotfix soon, best of luck before that!

The same thing started to happen for me since this weekend. Had no issues before (besides the first day) during this league, but now it got unplayable. Sometimes i get a freeze but can still open all menus, just not interact with anything. If i'm lucky the game starts to "catch up" after 10s or so and runs all previous inputs at super speed, but even then it won't hold for long. Really hope for a fix for this soon...
Ever since this fix came out, my game stutters and freezes. Had never troubles before, so this fix actually created a problem for me.
Stop the texture streaming or make it optional at least. It's horrible. Long loading times. It's nice for people with low spec PC's I suppose, but not for me.
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