3.14.1 Hotfix

Good job GGG ;)
i have not seen the mirror drop in ten years of playing PoE! maybe it's time ?
Thank you
Thank you for this fix.
bless the person/people that found this fix
i mean its something i hope more of it and let us turn off blooms and shadow
Well, hopefully now I will see a lot less of the black squares that were just popping up suddenly. And now just to wait on the performance issues. Keep it up, GGG.
Wow, didn't expect a sudden hotfix for a single issue like this, but it's damn appreciated. Really hope it contributes to the 10x increase in loading a zone that happens occasionally for seemingly no reason.

Still wish there was an option to just disable texture streaming entirely.. feels like it's a beta feature unwantingly pushed into a live build.
I don't mean to sound rude, but I can't help the way people interpret my words.
Well well, let's see now.
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