3.14.1 Patch Notes

download won't continue. please fix!
Last edited by wolfyx on Apr 28, 2021, 9:59:40 PM
ctrl+F general's cry or doryani and got no results. Make the touch of god come back plz ggg.
fix render problem.....when ?
Textures and fps drops fix? or some info ? something ?
The game in terms of framerate and texture loading is very poor on both DX11 and Vulcan. It has been all league, new patch seems to have made it worse. Borderline unplayable.
since the patch:

>crash relogging
>cannot load hideout. kicked to login screen

GGG must have used the Increased Aoe stat on the Stone Circles, as they are barely bigger than they were before.

Still just as annoying, and by contrast, unrewarding to run as usual.
Enabled the Razor Dance Ultimatum modifier.

And i was looking for it for such a long time for chalange compleation x)
After the patch on April 21, the client works only after removing production_Config.ini, and this is how it happens every time the game is launched. Fix it.
I understand that I will not get a reply to this message.

1. Judging by the patch you think is normal, I'm running the Harvest from the start of the league and saw 0 seed augment and 0 bosses. This is an obvious problem, you incorrectly set the chances for this, while the garden is decently ponerflen and it is impossible to catch anything.

2. People fly the mirror a day with Rituals, it is clearly broken in terms of drop and judging by the patch it will not fix.

I would very much like to hear an answer about this. You think it's normal that some players get 0 points from the garden because of your mistake, while others fly worlds every day. (This is clearly not the balance of the drop)
Honestly, it's even funny and I'm offended for the guys who run the garden.

Yes, there are people who fly pure mirror every day from a ritual in the Havark area. I recommend to everyone just a freebie and not fixed....

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