3.14.1 Patch Notes

Fixed a bug where Corrupting Fever could cause you to apply Corrupted Blood to yourself through reflected or self-inflicted hits.


I knew there was something that was instagibbing me on rare occasions w/o any explanation!
Nice solid patch ^_^
So what about the bug where you can't play without sound unless you want the game to really lag alot.

I'v really enjoyed this game but since the recent two leagues i have not been able to play properly unless i disable all sound effects. With it enabled my fps with a RTX 3070 is at 50-70, disabled it's peaking 120-200. Whats the deal GGG?
just remove harvest, i dont ever bother going in anymore i just skip it since its useless from ground zero.
Nice patch, I just wish you did not cap the amount of yellow mobs in ultis. :( kinda sad
Great bug fixing !

Now focus is required onto the following :

- Streaming Textures !!! (I just had a fight with the conqueror Drox being invisible 80% of the fight...)
- Harvest
- Talismans

And I'll be a happy man.
WooooW! Sirus music fixed! WooooW! :) :)
nope try to fix it again, fix this invisible oneshot dmg on empty maps!!!!!

crit dmg reduction 128% overall resistances 5k Life 2k ES. Life ED reg enough to hold RF up an reg on dmg. I do oneshot Conquerors on a t16 map but an empty map oneshots me xD
Bankzilla89 wrote:
I love reading the comments on patch notes. Rather than offer a suggestion on certain things that need to be fixed you threaten a company that runs a free game with uninstalling it. If you put money in the game like myself then being disgrunted is fine but flaming the post because one thing got changed or complaining about Harvest not being reverted back to how it used to be is just hilarious.

Keep up the good work, GGG. Looking forward to future changes.

I'd like to see you play the game without investing a single Euro/Dollar/whatever currency u use into it.
IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to play for free, due to the simple reason that you cannot sell items to other players. Also, you wouldn't be able to store your currency in the free stash alone, not to mention anything else useful. This whole free2play argument is old and I dont buy it, I doubt anybody else does either.

As far as suggestions go... Hire some extra people to sort out the texture streaming issues. Fire the guy who invented "Stone Circles" mode. Increase the rate at which exalts drop by 1-2%, or at the very least the rate at which they are offered in the ultimatums by some reasonable %.

This comes off the top of my head, but it should reduce the crying of the community by a lot.

And before some1 comes along and says how my suggestions are bullshit and will ruin the economy... It already is bonkers. Having exalts drop 1% more should reduce the chaos-exalt exchange rate a bit at least. Not to mention that in these post-harvest-nerf times, people all feel it takes forever to craft shit, at least every1 I've spoken to.
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