3.14.1 Patch Notes

Thanks for your work.

Now give back my textures please :)
queued up for redemption :)
vojnovod wrote:
I'd like to see you play the game without investing a single Euro/Dollar/whatever currency u use into it.
IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to play for free, due to the simple reason that you cannot sell items to other players. Also, you wouldn't be able to store your currency in the free stash alone, not to mention anything else useful. This whole free2play argument is old and I dont buy it, I doubt anybody else does either.

How come people play SSF if they can't sell to other players? How come people use mules (apparently just like you)?
You might reconsider your understanding of "free 2 play". Yes, Stashtabs make this game much more comfortable in terms of storing your things, but are you able to play this game without paying anything? Yes, you don't have to pay anything to test this game before deciding to pay for stashtabs. So your doubt, that noone does think this game is f2p is simply wrong. It's just short for "free 2 play with the option to invest for qol if you want to keep playing" which is - compared to other games - a good concept if you ask me.

vojnovod wrote:
As far as suggestions go... Hire some extra people to sort out the texture streaming issues. Fire the guy who invented "Stone Circles" mode.

You want your criticism to be taken seriously? Just stop write such polemic nonsense. As if any economic decision to hire/fire someone would ever be made based on single in-game issues.
Arf! Arf! Arf!
Enabled the Razor Dance Ultimatum modifier.

Nice. Can finally call this league quits after getting the nose dive kamikaze bird.

Will probably still test a few self brewed builds till early maps but not playing this any serious anymore.

League rewards feel lackluster and interacting with the league mechanic involves multiple layers of RNG to spawn the shit-talker dude.

the trade system badly needs to be fixed by making items for sale expire after a week or so. if you want to sell it, list it again. that will also remove the trade squatters that list items way too high or too low to just flood trade with their items that will never sell. i think that would be WAY more important than the music for sirus. i mean really??? the boss music is more important that actual game issues???
apparently, calling someone daft, which only means silly or foolish, breaches the code of conduct...
● Personally attack or cause harm to the reputation of others
● Antagonise others in an obnoxious manner
so don't use big words like daft LMAO
To be fair, "Rare" means Rare, not an "endless supply of shock troopers".
Allow players to make full potato graphics. Im poor and my pc is struggle.
since my last post was deleted i write a new one:

thanks for the update but it doesn't solve the problems with the game
invisible monsters and attacks everywhere (maven, sirus,...)
Ultimatum is pretty unrewarding and way to deadly
No compensation for the horrible leaguestart? (maybe 5 mistery boxes for everyone?)
no map drop even tho my atlas is completed
a lot of game crashes and huge lags
to name a few problems you should address
Crashes still occur.
fix harvest spawn rates of crafting seeds... you guys said that the rare seeds would have a similar spawn rate as before, but most people haven't found any yet, this is ridiculous
also the texture streaming, is this how you want new people to watch the games on streams? you guys didn't wanted to allow us to reduce graphics because it would make the game look bad on streams, but yet forced a feature like this on everyone
No real fix to the core bugs such as texture streaming, bosses and invisible shots and mobs... fix it pls

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