3.14.1 Patch Notes

Some nice things here, thanks.

We still need fixing :

1. Trade system.

1.1 BOTS
1.2 Price fixers
1.3 Scammmer bans
1.4 Unresponsive players banned from trading. You have /dnd mode or /afk mode. Use it.

2. Waypoints in Labyrinth after Ascendancy trials, for us poor people living far from gateways that have to deal with 200+ms latency and disconnects.

3. Sirus fights bugs. So numerous and prevailing after several leagues.

4. Revive Harvest. All that is left is basically same as what Screaming Essences do now.... Harvest has lost it's uniqueness.

5. Revive Talismans. It was so nice to have some useful Talismans drop in previous league. It really helped a lot for early-mid game.

6. Ultimatum rewards need it's bottom end raised a little. There are good rewards, but for the most part it feels like you spent 10 waves of dread avoiding the one shots, for maybe 4 chromies.

7. Texture streaming.

8. Undo the catastrophic damage done with the nerf-festo . You just nerfed so many things over such a huge area of the game, that you could not foresee the ripple effects it will have on the entire game.
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So for the last few days I'm getting extremely slow rendering, enough that about a 3rd of the time I get 2-4 seconds of lag every time I open an ultimatum which of course kills me. Is this the texture streaming? (I also often get items that don't show up). Have we gotten any discussion about this and when it will be fixed?
Oh cool, less rares in the trials. That's pretty nice for survivability. I mean, it'll be less exp per wave, but it's should be less likely now to get a million auras just giga-nigga wrecking you. Sometimes those auras overlap and Exodia all over your face.
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Is that all, really? Texture issues? Trialmaster's availability? Wave 8-9-10 availability? Ultimatum any rewards increase for high tier map risks? Event spawn chances? Natual master missions? Master missions on completition? Harvest empty plots, non existing crafts? Betrayal targets fix? Reenabled inscribed ultimatums drops? Divine shrine put back in the game? Atlas nodes % corrections? Etc.

Edit, just did a stone circle event, and You still failed to understand, what is the problem with it. The circle is barely bigger and still close to invisible when the screen is full of monsters. And of course, still getting off-screened by ranged mobs, what is the problem with it. Oh, the loot was amazing of course, 112% quantity T15, 7 waves, oro's sacrifice, 4 orb of binding and 5 orb of regret. Anyone tried to stand still at all internally by the way? I do not think so, but whatever. Great patch after 2 weeks!
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i like it
Enable wave 8,9 and trialmaster.
Doing every ulti since league start, had seen wave 9 once, and never trialmaster.
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CTRL + F "harvest"

*0 results found*

Figures. Wouldn't be surprised if you shadow fixed it now.
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as disappointed as it is
Still crashing game without any message of error, no matter what you run it randomly closed after couple hourse of playing,,,
It started with a patch three days ago
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Do we have any idea when invisible mobs / effects / bosses / sirus maze textures will be fixed or if there are workarounds?


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