3.14.1 Patch Notes

vojnovod wrote:
I'd like to see you play the game without investing a single Euro/Dollar/whatever currency u use into it.
IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to play for free, due to the simple reason that you cannot sell items to other players. Also, you wouldn't be able to store your currency in the free stash alone, not to mention anything else useful. This whole free2play argument is old and I dont buy it, I doubt anybody else does either.

How come people play SSF if they can't sell to other players? How come people use mules (apparently just like you)?
You might reconsider your understanding of "free 2 play". Yes, Stashtabs make this game much more comfortable in terms of storing your things, but are you able to play this game without paying anything? Yes, you don't have to pay anything to test this game before deciding to pay for stashtabs. So your doubt, that noone does think this game is f2p is simply wrong. It's just short for "free 2 play with the option to invest for qol if you want to keep playing" which is - compared to other games - a good concept if you ask me.

vojnovod wrote:
As far as suggestions go... Hire some extra people to sort out the texture streaming issues. Fire the guy who invented "Stone Circles" mode.

You want your criticism to be taken seriously? Just stop write such polemic nonsense. As if any economic decision to hire/fire someone would ever be made based on single in-game issues.

I am not going to get too much into this, but just to clarify what I consider Free to Play. Games such as Dota2 and League of Legends are F2P. Why? In Dota2 you don't need to pay a single dollar/euro to receive the FULL game, with ALL of its functions, bar some statistical analysis options. Paying money is only for cosmetics and does not influence gameplay. LoL is not exactly the same, in the sense that you need to unlock characters yourself, chars that you can pay real money to unlock, HOWEVER you can also unlock with ingame currency. If it was possible to buy/upgrade core game elements such as stashes for ingame currency, I would totally agree this is a Free to Play game, but that is not the case.

And forgive me for being slightly dramatic on the issue of the Ultimatums. I think everybody is upset about their mechanics for one reason or another. And although I may not have been serious before, if I were GGG I would seriously consider why people are so pissed with it. Fixing it this league may not be possible it seems, but acknowledging it's faults and accepting the fact you made a boo-boo might at least show people you care about the state of the game? This same thing goes for the texture streaming as well. At least TELL us that ur working on it?
Dear GGG
When I was a child, my father had a farm. Every year the harvest gave us enough to feed ourselves, but one year of drought the harvest was very bad.
Now every time I enter a map and see the sacred grove I feel like that year when the harvest was barely enough to live one more day.
Please give us the harvest we deserve ...
GGG, I understand that the harvest maybe too strong before. But now it's over nerfed especially for aug/remove crafts. I never saw any aug/remove crafts after playing for hours(lv 95). Plz fix it.
Lixy wrote:
Ctrl+F "Harvest"


hah same xDD just some one told old harvest is back...but looks like no :/ =(((
capped monsters? so i can no longer have 500 mobs on screen with 0.1 FPS? such a shame. (warning, this comment may contain sarcasm)
nice game!

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