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vojnovod wrote:
Bankzilla89 wrote:
I love reading the comments on patch notes. Rather than offer a suggestion on certain things that need to be fixed you threaten a company that runs a free game with uninstalling it. If you put money in the game like myself then being disgrunted is fine but flaming the post because one thing got changed or complaining about Harvest not being reverted back to how it used to be is just hilarious.

Keep up the good work, GGG. Looking forward to future changes.

I'd like to see you play the game without investing a single Euro/Dollar/whatever currency u use into it.
IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to play for free, due to the simple reason that you cannot sell items to other players.

As far as suggestions go... Hire some extra people to sort out the texture streaming issues. Fire the guy who invented "Stone Circles" mode. Increase the rate at which exalts drop by 1-2%, or at the very least the rate at which they are offered in the ultimatums by some reasonable %.

This comes off the top of my head, but it should reduce the crying of the community by a lot.

And before some1 comes along and says how my suggestions are bullshit and will ruin the economy... It already is bonkers. Having exalts drop 1% more should reduce the chaos-exalt exchange rate a bit at least. Not to mention that in these post-harvest-nerf times, people all feel it takes forever to craft shit, at least every1 I've spoken to.

I did mention that I put money into this game. I'll be transparent and tell you that it's probably a few hundred dollars even lol.

I completely agree with the drops on exalts. I feel like a 1% would be solid but this arguement comes up every league and it falls on deaf ears. Meanwhile the 1% of players that have figured out crafting to a T can continue to manipulate the market as a whole.

I've never been a personal fan of harvest due to the sole reason that it was abused heavily by the 1% mentioned above.

Good reply though, I fully expected to get flamed but this was a surprisingly pleasant suggestion and reply to my original post. Props to ya.
GG good work
apparently, calling someone daft, which only means silly or foolish, breaches the code of conduct...
● Personally attack or cause harm to the reputation of others
● Antagonise others in an obnoxious manner
so don't use big words like daft LMAO
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so when am i going to see this patch notes:

"fixed a bug where when you fight sirus you could not see his skills"

"fixed a bug where when u get a debuff on you its not a fucking black screen its actully the debuff so u know what to do"

"fixed a bug where when u walk into a map it doesnt take 20min to load and then the entire pixels are just square pixletd random colours for the rest of the map"

my pc can run any other game in ultra but i have to run this lovely game on low setting and still fight sirus without seeing his skills or active the NEW lovely content and i cant see what debuffs are on me and sometimesi cant even see that the monster even spwan :)

grab a real dev who know what he is doing and pls fix this thing already,when me and my friends log in and we have to decied if the game is playable today or not

not something very enjoyable to do
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I think personally it's just sad that GGG is ran by artist team, forced bloom at 25%
unable to turn texture streaming off so our game looks like real art like picasso all the time with the missing textures
when ritual league was on then game worked kinda fine. but now game is just pile of meh with an f..

i know whats happening. its like making food. if its already good then dont add or remove anything from it, otherwise you will ruin it.

i lost apetite completly. "game is designed to be played forever" wrong. its lasts 3 months till next trashed ruined build by ggg

try to play it.

more likly i stop playing bcs it turned out to be pile of s. or and better join with rest flippers and just wont reply people if they want something.

i saw dream, wilson didnt nerf harvest. he gave me remove life add life 0.05 chance to hit desired mod

Game is terrible right now, unpatch this entire expansion please.
Am I the only person that has to check the integrity of game files every time a patch comes around? If I don't the game insta closes itself on launch, every patch.

Man, I really like PoE, I can get by nerfing things but the performance being so bad now is really what's going to turn me away from this game.

Results of checking integrity after patch, played it just fine earlier:

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Improved the targeting of the Reap skill


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